Fall, the Perfect Time to Experience Low Voltage Landscape Lighting.

Landscape lighting is a four season sport: it can be enjoyed any time of the year. Whether you are looking out over the snow laden trees, or the budding blooms of spring, lighting just brings a certain magic to our homes and landscapes. 

Autumn, however, is an extra special time of year for outdoor illumination.

The beginning of the school year signifies the end of summer, and the start of a new chapter. We all look forward to the scents of pumpkin spice, and the sight of Autumn breezes rustling crimson and auburn leaves across our paths; We enjoy the way fall brings about a nice charge of outdoor illumination from the dead heat of summer. 

Pond-lighting-Salt-Lake-City-Utah-4.jpgAutumn is the Perfect Time for Lighting

 The best way to elevate the beauty and splendor of your home's best feature is with low voltage landscape lighting. Fall is an ideal time to have your landscape lighting done. In the summer, the days are so long that we only really get to enjoy our lights for a short time each night. 

We are lucky in the fall: the turning of the season, the cooling air, colored leaves and shortening days al mean it's time to throw on a light coat and step out onto the patio to enjoy the season before winter brings its bone freezing weather. 

Illuminating Fall Leaves

 The opaque beauty Mother Nature creates is incredible this time of year: while golden-brown textures lace the leaves of sugar maples; shades of flaxen gold adorn each aspen; baroque purples and reds linger high above in the sweetgum trees as cascades of color are unwillingly brought down by apathetic gusts of chilling autumn winds. 


The beauty of the leaves is only further dramatized when they are lit at night. Up lighting your trees, lightly warming up their trunks with light, will brings sense of serenity to your landscape. Splashing a bit of illumination up into a canopy of an already colorful leafy canvas creates shadows to further embellish upon the brilliance of their movements. 

Coming Home to Illumination

As the fall season brings a chill to the air - a strange way of promising us that colder weather is yet to come. - we instinctively turn our minds towards thought of warm fires, hot cocoa, and toasty blankets. In a strange way, the fall season makes us more inclined to begin thinking about winter

Nothing says welcome home quite like a well illuminated property. An entryway bathed in the dappled light of a beautiful glow is a pleasant sight for anyone to arrive home to after dark.

The days are getting shorter, winter is coming. This is what our minds jump to. Many say they enjoy winter, but what they often mean is that they enjoy feeling resilient to it. 

Illuminating  a home creates a stout feeling of refuge, a place where the biting cold can't follow. To truly feel like a safe place where we can retreat to be warm, safe & comfortable, a home needs to be inviting. 


A property should be illuminated at night to create an inviting space for guests, but more importantly, it should be lit for us to make it feel like home. 


Warming up a home with tender brilliance makes it feel alive, even when no one is home. 

Architecturally lighting a home, it's paths and entryways, even down lighting landscape features, helps us feel the safety that our personal haven is meant to provide.

By illuminating our property, we are creating depth, visual points n the landscape that further extend a sense of balance in what we can see. Illuminating our landscape creates a stronger sense of privacy and security, because it gives us greater visual control over our surroundings. 

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