The 6 Best Utah Deck Lighting Ideas You Should Consider for Your Deck

Decks have changed drastically from yesteryear. Today's decks provide us with all the comforts and enjoyments of an outdoor room. Lounging on comfy furniture beneath a shade-providing pergola, it's hardly surprising that the distinction between our outdoor and indoor living becomes blurred.

Enjoyed from the early morning hours until well after dusk, the excellence of a deck's use as a retreat is realized in the quiet of the evening hours.

How is the dreamy evening atmosphere of a deck created? By beautiful lighting.

At night, a deck can really come to life.

This is the place where meals are enjoyed, families gather, and people escape to be alone with their thoughts.

There is plenty we could discuss, but remember: the artistry that goes into a beautiful lighting system makes all the difference.

1. Post & Step Lights

Most everybody is familiar with these two lighting concepts. Step and post lights are used to define the deck railing and illuminate the steps. This lighting approach is a great way to keep your deck from being pitch black.

Fit into the vertical face of your steps, tread lights direct light downward onto the step immediately below to illuminate your path as you climb up or down them. Providing subtle light, tread lights offer just the right amount of illumination to create safety for traversing a staircase. Since tread light is fixed into the step itself, they are hardly noticed during the day time hours.Patio-Post-Rail-outdoor-lighting.jpg

Post lights are used on the posts surrounding the deck to accent where the railing is located, and to cast a soft glow down onto the top of the deck. 

Thinking Beyond Post & Step Lights

Moving past post and step lighting approaches, there are plenty of other ways to illuminate your deck and create safety without sacrificing the wonders of a beautiful atmosphere. 

2. Undercap Lights

When a deck has built-in benches, it provides a wonderful opportunity to do some undercap lighting. These discrete fixtures are engineered to throw a splash of illumination downwards. 

Nestled down beneath the outer edge of the bench, undercap lights provide a glare-free illumination spilling down near your feet. 

3. Moonlighting

Moonlighting is more or less what it sounds like. Spilling a soft light out over your deck from up above, we create a soft glowing ambiance much like that gleam from our moon. It feels natural, like it should't be any other way. 

A light fixture is placed high up in a tree near your deck and angled downwards. The effect? Moonlighting shining down through the branches. If feels natural, and creates a lovely effect as the leaves and branches create shadow patterns on the floor of your deck. 


Don't worry about damaging your trees. We only install lights in mature trees we know can support the weight of the lights. We use stainless steel screws so they don't cause disease or damage to the trunk. Well return to adjust the screws as the tree grows as part of our annual service agreement. 

No trees? No problem. We can mount lights high in the eaves of your house to create the same effect. 

4. Pergola Lighting

If you have a pergola over your deck, you have a great opportunity for stunning deck lighting. The pillars and crossbeams of your pergola provide a great platform for a variety of pergola lighting options. Imagine subtle recessed lighting that illuminates your table for dining an hosting barbecues. We can hid all the wiring and fixtures, so all you see is the soft wash of light. Up lights attached to the bottom of pergola posts or installed in the flooring highlight the structure's architecture. 

5. Bistro Lighting

Nothing says it's time to party like bistro lighting! String lights draped overhead really sets the tons for any event. Be it a quiet evening with close friends, or a full on barbecue for twenty people! 

Bistro lighting, or cafe string lighting is a really popular lighting decor  method trending  in outdoor lighting right now. There is something incredible about being able to enjoy the ambiance of an outdoor bistro or wedding right in the comfort of your own backyard. 

6. Landscape Lighting

When you relax on your deck, your view includes the landscaping surrounding your deck. Don't leave those elements in the dark. In the evening, your favorite landscape features take on a hole new look. Imagine the lacy leaves of your ferns casting delicate shadows. The texture of tree trunks, expertly lit, create drama throughout a garden. 


Why let elegant garden statuary and fountains disappear in the shadows of the night when you can enjoy their beauty from your peaceful deck perch with the right landscape lighting? 

We design with thirty different types of light bulbs-- not just one--  to expertly highlight the landscaping around your deck. 

Create Ambiance with Dimmers


Dimmers are essential for a romantic evening on the deck. Dim lights are the perfect backdrop for candlelight and outdoor fireplaces. 

All of your deck lighting is available with an automated, fully dimmable option that can be controlled from your preferred smart device. From pergola bistro lighting to downlighting, you can dim your lights a much or as little as you need to create the perfect ambiance. 

If you want your deck to be a magical, romantic place to spend your evenings, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call at 801.440.7647 to schedule a free consultation, of fill out our simple contact form. 

Located in Midvale, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah serves customers throughout Utah's residential areas, including Salt Lake City, Park City, Draper, and Holladay. Our outdoor lighting portfolio includes projects from Salt Lake County to Utah County, to Davis and Summit County-- and beyond. 

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