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Myths: Wiring Low-Voltage Landscape Transformers & LED Lighting Systems

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There is a lot that goes into the technical side of how a low voltage lighting system works and operates. Recently a client asked me a specific question about the technical side of his system. He wanted to know why his transformer was wired to the 12v terminal instead of the 14v. If it feels like we already jumped from 0-60, don't worry! There isn't a quiz at the end.

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How to Hang Patio String Lights & Considerations for Café Lights

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Warm weather stirs us out of hibernation; it's only natural to find excuses to spend more time outside. Thoughts of summer nights inspire you to get crafty and start hanging up some café style string lights. The only problem is that they just don't quite look like you imagined. The string lights you purchased are either too short or too long. They just look wrong no matter how you arrange them.  Even though this frustration doesn't sound like a fun way to kick off the summer, your dreams for beautiful , patio, bistro or cafe string lights doesn't have to end in tears. 

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