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How to Reset & Reprogram Your Landscape Lighting Timer [Video]

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Lets face it, the instructions that come with your intermatic timer require a technical writing degree to decipher. You just want an easy way to quickly reset & reprogram your low voltage landscape lighting timer. We've simplified these instructions to make it easier for you to reset & reprogram your timer and get back to enjoying your outdoor lights.

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4 Path Lighting Design Ideas [Guide to Low Voltage Path Light Categories]

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There are numerous ways outdoor path lighting design can be approached and categorized. The key to understanding which path light categories will work well for you is learning how to recognize what will work best for the way you intend to use your pathway at night. There are positive and negative aspects to each pathway light design concept. Our hope is that this brief guide will help you understand how artistic pathway lighting isn't about fixtures, it's about design. 

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