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Making your Outdoor Living Beautiful through Pond Lighting

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Adding a splash of beauty to your outdoor living space can be as simple as lighting your pond. Weather it’s the therapeutic sound of running water, or observing fish in their natural element, ponds have always been a wonderful solution for bringing a real sense of atmosphere to any outdoor living space.

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Summertime with Safety in Mind: Security LED Landscape Lighting

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It's summer. What a perfect time to host a barbecue, wedding or birthday party, and what better way to show off your home than to install landscape security lighting. It's also the time when property and home theft occurs along with drownings and accidents, typically in and around pools or other water features. Having well-lit paths and surrounding areas can ensure peace of mind.

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Tips for Swimming Pool Lighting [Top 10 Ideas for Lighting Your Pool]

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You've likely enjoyed using your swimming pool to host parties and relax with family. But today, the fun doesn't have to stop just because the sun has set. You don't have to depend on the back porch light and the glow from inside your pool to serve as your only light source. Adding beautifully functional lighting elements to your pool area can make all the difference in wowing your guests and adding that much needed element of safety. 

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