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Landscape Lighting Design Trends Dos & Don’ts In 2019

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Working in the landscape lighting industry, we’ve seen how different outdoor lighting design trends have come and gone over the years. While some design fundamentals hold strong and true for years, even decades, other design elements are...

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5 Outdoor Bench Lighting Ideas

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Under cap lights (often referred to as bench lights) have become a popular lighting solution beyond conventional bench lighting because they can do three things: accent a wall, illuminate a path, and define the borders of an outdoor space. 

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Interview with Landscape Lighting Pro's Juan Lopez (Crew Foreman)

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What is your favorite part about working for Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah?

I Like this job because it is not a regular job. I like that we are working somewhere different every day and that it is always something new. I also like working here because it requires a lot of thinking. Some might think that it's as simple as "yeah sure, just put some lights here and there". This is not how it is though. It can get really technical. Every day is a challenge, and every day I learn more. I'm always excited to do a good job. When I'm in charge of a big job, and it's like nothing we've ever done before, we have to figure out how to do it right. 

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