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5 Outdoor Bench Lighting Ideas

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Under cap lights (often referred to as bench lights) have become a popular lighting solution beyond conventional bench lighting because they can do three things: accent a wall, illuminate a path, and define the borders of an outdoor space. 

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New vs. Existing: When to Install Hardscape Lighting

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Now or Later?

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4 Great Ways To Light Your Outdoor Steps and Stairways

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In the dark, something as simple as walking can pose a serious hazard. This goes doubly so for walking up and down stairways. Adding light to your back patio's door step, or your balconies descending staircase, will enable you to more safely tread an otherwise risky evening venture. Safety is important, but light does more than illuminate dangers. When done right, light can create a charming atmosphere. Bringing that extra element of aesthetic pleasure, light doesn't merely show us where we are going, it creates an entry. 

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