Outdoor Residential Security Lighting Ideas and Pictures

Lighting your residence is a surefire way to protect your property and loved ones from criminal activity and other mischief around your home. The photos in the gallery below are examples of outdoor security lighting ideas to safeguard your home.

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  • Draper-Residential-Security-Pool-Tree.jpg
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  • Draper-Security-Lighting
  • Outdoor Security Lighting Ideas
  • Architectural-security-lighting-Holladay-Utah.jpg
  • Outdoor Security Lighting Ideas
    Up and downlighting of the architectural features and landscape together create a spectacular effect, Sandy, Utah
  • Residential lighting ideas
    Residential architectural lighting. Salt Lake City, Utah
  • SLC Security Home Lighting
  • Outdoor Security Lighting Ideas
  • residential-security-lighting-Salt-Lake-City.jpg
  • Outdoor security lighting ideas

    Upper deck and lower patio combined with architectural uplighting. Park City, Utah

  • Outdoor security lighting ideas

    Downlighting driveway, rock walls and entry are a perfect solution for creating ambiance and security lighting. Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Outdoor security lighting ideas

    Outdoor residential security lighting created through downlighting of columns, stairs, and planting areas. Park City, Utah