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Home Security While on Vacation is as Simple as Landscape Lighting

Worrying about your home's security while on vacation is natural. A great security measure to keep your home safe is making it look lived in while you're away. At night, landscape lighting can make your home look like a someone is home.

Layer of defense

At night, your outdoor lighting is your home's first line of defense. To trespassers, Everyone's home is a potential target. But dark homes are easy targets. 


Simply put, a well lit home is a home less trespassed.


Proper lighting keeps trespassers out

Security is a feeling we experience. To feel secure and safe is to feel at ease. When our homes are well lit, we feel safe because our lighting provides us with greater visual control over our surroundings.

With beautiful security lighting, we can traverse our property more freely at night. We can see our way and take in our surroundings.


We as homeowners aren't the only ones who experience feelings of security. Security is also a felt by trespassers. However, trespassers don't experience the same warm and comforting feeling we do when we look at our home's security lighting. 

Trespassers experience a drastically different feeling when they see a well lit property at night. Their emotions are put ill at ease. 

If a dark home is seen as a potential target for a trespasser, then a well lit home will be seen as a risk.

If the lights are on, someone must be home. 

Stepping onto a property where the chances of being seen or caught are increased is a risky chance many trespassers would rather avoid.

If your home is cast in the right light, trespassers will let their eyes pass right over your home in their search for easy opportunities.


Why would they rather pass your home? Because their is a dark home just a block or two over that will make for a much easier target. 

Security lighting is a mental game. This is why having lights around your property at night can make such a difference. 

Turn your lights off during the day

Security lighting can be a double edge sword, however, if you're not careful. There is a finesse to security lighting.

For example, I always know when my neighbors are out of town because every single light in their home and around their property is left on 24/7. They leave their lights on for security, but don't realize what leaving them on during the day might look like. Especially to those who know what they are looking for.

Crime doesn't sleep during the day: it never sleeps. Trespassers are everywhere and are always looking for opportunity. If I know my neighbors are out of town because of their lighting, so will the trespassers. 


The solution?

Good security lighting will have some kind of control system to turn the lights on / off. Whatever your control system, having your lights turn on at dusk and off at sunset is ideal. Leave your lights on all night to be sure the are doing their job all night and keep your property safe. Then have them turn off at sunrise. 


Why Landscape Lighting?

With so many security lighting options out there, why does landscape lighting make for one of the best solutions? There are three reasons:

  • Light your whole property
    Landscape lighting makes for effective security lighting because it has the ability to extend several layers of light throughout the entire property. Plants, trees, pathways, and architectural features can all be captured and contoured with the right lighting. In addition to creating wonderful functional lighting, it also helps ensure that there is nowhere for trespassers to hide. If there are no dark corners to hide, trespassers won't want to take one step where they shouldn't. 
  • Create beautiful effects
    As where overpowered blaring flood lights distract and create an eye sore, low voltage landscape lighting creates a  beautiful impression. Artistic lighting is able to reveal our surroundings without sacrificing beauty and aesthetics.
  • Don't annoy the neighbors
    The neighbors will appreciate that your landscape lights don't shine in their windows at night. Good outdoor lighting shouldn't be intrusive or disruptive to the surrounding neighborhood. It can be annoying when your neighbors security lighting blares in your windows at night. 


The key to effective security lighting is as simple as making your home look warm, inviting, and lived in. Approaching security lighting with an artistic approach will create a soft inviting impression on you and your guests, while also discouraging unwanted visitors. 

Still need help with your security lighting?

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