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3 Reasons to add Bistro Lights: Spicing up Your Entertainment Space

We all love sitting on a patio with string lights perfectly hung above us while we enjoy a meal. It gives us a festive and relaxing French bistro feel.

Whether you call them string lights, bistro lights, cafe lights, etc., this lighting technique is the perfect way to get this festive scenario in your own backyard!

Here are 3 reasons we think bistro lights are a go-to when it comes to lighting your outdoor living space!

1. Atmosphere  


The top reason to add bistro lights to a landscape is for the atmosphere they create. Suspended over a patio, hung inside a pergola, or strung between tress, bistro lights effectively create a soft ambient light that provides a feeling of occasion. 

Whether you are hosting a barbecue, a wedding, or simple a quiet evening with the family, bistro lights provide the perfect ambiance for every moment spent in your outdoor living space. 

Adding dimmers to your bistro lights is a great way to control the mood for each of these situations! 

2. Desire to be outdoors


One of the most unexpected benefits of having outdoor lighting is its ability to pull you out into your living space. Imagine you are sitting inside and you look out to see your bistro lights shining above your patio, creating the most peaceful environment. Would you want to go out and enjoy them on a perfect summer night? Of course! 

Bistro lights create an ambiance that is awesome for a get-together or quiet evening for two!

3. Functionality 


Another valuable reason for adding bistro lights to your landscape is the functionality they provide. 

When the sun goes down, we are so often forced to move indoors because we no longer can see what we are doing. The ability to use our outdoor living spaces is dependent on when the sun is shining. 

Just by adding some simple lighting like bistros however, we gain those extra hours to enjoy our relaxing patios and decks we have created. 

Learn more about bistro lights and their value in the video below!


Want to spice up your outdoor living space? 

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