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3 Ways to Efficiently Light Entryways

The front entrance, and path from the road are the main focal point when approaching your home. Well lit entrances and pathways allow homeowners to see who is approaching their home, as well as guiding guests to and from. 

While Outdoor Lighting placement is limitless, some spots are an absolute must.

Lets talk about a few of them, and what fixtures we recommend to best to achieve the desired look and feel. 


1. Entry points

Bringing light to a homes entrance can be achieved by adding uplighting, (these fixtures are mounted below or at ground level, shining upward), or downlighting, (fixtures are placed, in trees, or beneath eaves on your house, so the light shines down.)


2. Pathway

One of the most common ways to light the entrance of a home is by incorporating path lights to your walkways. When path lights are added to a home entrance, it brings safety and beauty to the front of the home. Path lights cast a wide light beam providing the guidance that is needed at night.  


3. Steps & stairways

In the dark, something as simple as walking can pose a serious hazard. Adding steps and stairways into the mix creates an even bigger risk for trips and falls. There are quite a few different fixtures and placement options to choose from to help with these issues. For example, you can utilize downlighting by placing the fixtures high up. This will effectively direct the light onto the stairways & steps.  Path lights are also a great option along the side of steps in a descending or ascending path. Tread / recessed lighting is perfect for staircases because the fixture is placed on the vertical face of the steps, casting light directly on to the step beneath it. 


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