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3 Ways to Light Your Putting Green This Summer!

Is there a better way to relax then playing a few rounds of golf? After a long day of work, sinking a few balls on the putting green can really take your mind off things. 

Its no wonder why so many have begun incorporating putting greens into their outdoor living spaces. 

But the fun doesn't have to end after sunset. Once the sun goes down, the evening air cools off, the rest of the world seems to fall away and leave us to enjoy whats in front of us. In fact, night time is probably the best time to play golf in the summer.

A popular well known golfing venue certainly seems to have figured this out. 

But what about your own backyard golf night?

You could spend your summer nights down at the local golfing venue with the crowds and noise.

However, whiling away a summer night on the back patio, with a cold drink, some light music, and a few friends on your own putting green can be just as eventful. It's all possible with the right lighting. 


3 Ways to Light Your Putting Green

  • Down Lighting 

Down lighting is one of the best options for splashing a bit of light over your putting green.

Down lighting is when a fixture is mounted in an elevated place and aimed down at a target on the ground. A down light can be mounted to the architecture of a home, or in the branches of a large established tree. 

Often referred to as moon lighting, down lighting is all about the drama. The goal with down lighting isn't to flood the whole area with a high powered flood light. The aim is to cast a soft light that adds both beauty and function. 


  • Directional Path Light

If there isn't an elevated place where a down light can be placed, then the correct path lights placed strategically around your putting green may do just the trick.

A directional path light (click here to learn more about directional path lights) can be used to accent a putting green in quite a dramatic fashion.

As where a down light bathes the entire green with a flat light from above, a directional path light illuminates the putting green from the outside boarder.  Here, the light cast from the path light can throw shadows caused by tiny knolls.

The shadows these small slopes and imperfections reveal on the green's surface can potentially hint at the best path for your golf ball to follow. 

(Pro Tip) Don't forget an on/off switch! 

You may not always want your putting green to take center stage. Having an on/off switch to control the lights to your putting green will enable you to better transform your space for your different needs and uses. 

  • Create a True Oasis For You And Your Guests!

Our last idea for lighting your putting green doesn't address how to light the green, but rather, how to light so you'll get the most enjoyment out of your backyard. 

Don't lose sight of the other aspects that make your outdoor living so enjoyable! If you have an outdoor kitchen, bar top, pool deck, fire pit, etc., consider these when lighting your putting green. 

An enjoyable night in the backyard comes down to creating a sense of ambiance. In addition to lighting your putting green, accenting key landscape features will really help elevate your backyard and provide you with a better sense of visual control over your surroundings. 

The bar top in the picture below is located directly next to the putting green. But as you can see, the sense of occasion is really being set by everything happening around the putting green. 


If you are seriously thinking about a lighting project for your putting green or the rest of your outdoor living space, why not give your local outdoor lighting designer a call? With years of experience in all things exterior lighting, they'd love to come visit with you and help you come up with a design that work best for your unique backyard getaway. 


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