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4 Benefits of Having Landscape Lighting in the Winter

Here in Utah we know that winter can be long and cold. All the snow, dark nights, and cold windy days makes us not want to leave our homes. When we think about landscape lighting, our minds often go straight to summer nights in our outdoor living spaces. Landscape lighting in the winter however, is extremely beneficial as well.


Here are 4 benefits landscape lighting provides in the winter months:

1. Light in the Darkness      



As it gets colder, the days get shorter. When winter is in full swing, it is dark before most of us even get home from our daily routine. One of the greatest benefits of having outdoor lighting is that when you pull up to your home after an evening away, you aren’t pulling up to a dark home. 


Lighting your architecture, landscaping, pathways, and entrances will bring you a sense of safety upon returning home. It also can provide a sense of warmth on a cold evening. Much like holiday lighting, landscape lighting brings a welcoming and warm feeling when arriving home. This feeling can help get us through the long, dark, and cold winter that seems to drag after the holidays. 


2. Accident Avoidance 



Here in Utah, the winters are snowy and slick. Walkways and steps can get covered in ice and become a hazard to both you and your guests. Adding path lights along walkways and near steps is the best way to avoid taking a spill!


Path lights cast a “path” of light to guide your steps. This allows for both you and your guests to feel secure walking to and from your home during the dark winter nights. No more scraps and bruises from slipping on ice!


3. Enjoyment from Inside  



Even in the summer months, 90% of the time our lighting systems are enjoyed from inside our homes. When you are inside looking out into your magically lit backyard, the idea of it getting dark early doesn’t seem to bother you as it did before. It brings a sense of calm and warmth to you and your family. 


4. Getting Outside Sooner



When the weather begins to change and we see spring on the horizon, there is nothing we want more than to start enjoying the warmer weather. Spending an evening by the fire, or having guests over to for a nice meal is just calling our names after hibernating all winter long! 


Another benefit of outdoor lighting is that we can start getting outside faster when the weather begins to get warmer. Whether you have bistros, fire pit lighting, or landscape lights, having a lighting system in your outdoor living space allows you to start utilizing that space even before the days get long! 


Want to benefit from outdoor lighting this winter?

If adding landscape lighting to your property is something you would benefit from this winter, give us a call at (801) 440-7647, or schedule a free consultation here! 

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