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4 Ways to Light your Deck & Patio: The Perfect Entertainment Spot

Our decks have turned into outdoor living rooms. They have amazing seating areas, places to eat, and are the perfect spot for entertaining. Adding lights around your deck and railings brings safety and functionality to your outdoor space. 

Here are 4 lighting ideas for your deck!

1. Post lights


Post lights create a subtle highlight to the perimeter of the deck while simultaneously casting a soft glow down onto the top of the deck. This provides the perfect amount of light to give a safety element without ruining the ambiance of a peaceful evening for you or your guests. 

These lights can also be used on the deck stair railings for safety while taking on the steps at night. An added bonus with these post lights is they blend in so well with your railings that you hardly notice them during the day! This lighting approach is a great way to be able to use your deck without sitting in the dark.

2. Tread lights


Tread lights are designed to light the steps of your deck or patio. Tucked into the vertical face of your steps, tread lights direct light downward immediately below to illuminate your path. 

Providing subtle light, tread lights offer just the right amount of illumination to create safety for taking on stairs in the dark without blinding you. Since tread light is fixed into the step itself, they are nearly unnoticeable in day light!

3. Moonlighting


Moonlighting is a great way to cast a soft gleam over your deck. It is a natural feeling light coming from from a fixture placed high up in the eves of your house, or in trees near your deck. This creates a relaxing ambiance resembling true moonlight. 

4. Pergola & patio lighting  


When there is a pergola over a deck, it creates a wonderful opportunity for subtle recessed lighting and bistro lights. Recessed lighting will subtly illuminate dinning areas from the pillars and crossbeams of your pergola. In the same way, bistro lighting can bring a subtle yet fun lighting element to the area from above. 

Add Dimmers:

All of your deck lighting is available with an automated, fully dimmable option that can be controlled from your preferred smart device. From pergola bistro lighting to moonlighting, you can dim your lights a much or as little as you need to create the perfect ambiance. 

Want to transform your deck with lights?

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