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4 Ways to Light Pergolas: Enhancing Functionality and Allure

Pergolas are like extension to a home’s living space. They provide a covered place outdoors for entertaining guests for a dinner party or just a quiet evening with the family. 

Here are 4 ways we like to light pergolas to enhance their functionality and allure!

1. Bistros

string-lights-pergolaBistros bring a sense of occasion to any outdoor living, especially pergolas. They create an environment that is warm and welcoming. Hanging bistros inside of a pergola not only provides you with a soft ambiance, they also bring function to your pergola. 

As the days get shorter, we lose time in our outdoor space due to the sun going down. Adding bistros gives your back that “daylight” that we lose as fall approaches. They allow you to use your outdoor space far longer than before. Bistros, or string lights, are one of the easiest ways to add life to your pergola. 

2. Downlighting 

outdoor-living-space-lightingDown lights are a simple way to light up the area beneath a pergola. If you have a dining or sitting area in your pergola, downlight are the perfect way to bring light the space without the feeling of a spotlight shining down.

Down lights are fixed up in the crevasses of the top of the pergola, casting a soft, moonlight glow over the space. This fixture has the ability to be dimmed which allows you to choose the mood of each occasion. 

3. Star lighters 

pergola-lighting-outdoorStar lighters are the perfect way to bring a magical feel to your pergola. This lighting fixture is designed with small openings so the light can shine through, casting a “star lit” scene on and around a pergola.

They also cast light from the bottom of the fixture, creating functional light for the space. Star lighters are a great lighting fixture to bring ambiance and functionality to any pergola! 

4. Recessed soffit lights

pergola-lightingIf you have a steel pergola, we are able to place lighting directly into the beams of the pergola.  We are able to do this by cutting into the steel using a magnetic drill. This drill magnetizes directly to the beam of the pergola, allowing us to drill holes exactly where we want the lighting fixture to be placed. These small, round fixtures are then recessed up into the steel frame, leaving a seamless finish. 

This technique is great for those with a dining or sitting area under their steel pergola. Recessed soffit lights cast a soft light over the area, making the space more accommodating to both you and your guests in the dark evenings! 

Do you have a pergola you want lit?

If you are inspired and ready to light your own pergola, give us a call at (801) 440-7647,  or fill out a consult request form here! We will come out for a consult and create a lighting design specifically for your pergola and style. 

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