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4 Ways to Light your Outdoor Paths

There are a multitude of reasons to light the pathways around a property. We do it to boost curb appeal, to highlight where the entrances are located, but mostly for the ease and safety when traversing the property after dark. There is a sense of relief when knowing that both you, your family, and your guests know exactly where they are going. The worry of someone tripping and falling is lessened and there is a comfort knowing everyone can see where they are walking. 

There are countless techniques that can be used to illuminate a path or walkway. Choosing which method is best for your home can be challenging, so here are a few ideas and some of our favorite ways to light a walkway.

1. Path lightspath-lights

The most common and well-known technique for illuminating a walk is the traditional path light fixture. This fixture is the ones with feature a post with a top hat. Inside the top hat, there is a bulb that casts light downward onto the path. The intention of the top hat is to block the glare from the light downward, making it possible to experience the light effect without seeing the source.

Landscape Lighting Pro’s path light is designed to throw a wider pattern with a softer effect, creating more brilliant light. They are not as dated looking and they are keeping up with architectural upgrades. Each path light also comes with a lifetime warranty. Learn more about the design and look of the path lights here.

2. Bollards



A fun and creative way to bring light to a path or walk is to use a bollard. Bollards come in many designs and patterns or can be customized to match the look and feel of your home. These fixtures are made of steel and come in a wide range of heights and widths.

The artistic designs are made by using intricate, laser-cut patterns making them look like sculptures during the day light and cast amazing shadows on the ground at night. This not only brings the desired light and safety to the path, it also adds a beautiful, fun design and look to your walkways.



3. Core drilled


In some situations, a traditional path light is not ideal for the space needing illuminated. In this case, we are able to install a core drilled pathway light. A core dried path light is a fixture installed directly into the concrete of a path.

This technique is achieved by drilling directly into the concrete and installing the fixture to fit perfectly into the space drilled. Since it is drilled into the concrete itself, the light is seamless with the path and nearly unnoticeable during the daylight hours.

4. Downlights


One of our favorite techniques to lighting a path is downlighting. Downlighting creates this subtle and beautiful moonlit feel to a path. A fixture is mounted high up in a nearby tree or architecture and aimed downward onto the path. When the light is shining down from above, it creates a soft wash of light over the path to illuminate and guide those trekking the path after dark.

Our favorite part of downlighting is the natural feel it casts. This is especially true when they are mounted way up in a tree and the branches and leaves create these amazing shadows onto the path. It makes the illumination seem as though it is from the moon itself and not at all invasive. 

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