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5 Elements to Consider when Choosing Landscape Lighting

Are you considering an outdoor landscape lighting system for your home? When selecting the right design and fixtures for your home design, there are several factors you should take into account so you make the right choice. Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing the best outdoor lighting system for your home's property.

crucial factors to take into account

Outdoor lighting is a solid investment that will enhance the elegance the safety of your home. But this investment could easily go to waste if you do not take certain things into consideration. Here are the top 5 factors we recommend that every homeowner take into account:

1) purpose

You first need to determine the end result you are hoping to achieve with your lighting system. This will make certain you maximize the effectiveness your lights will have. Examples of down lighting with low voltage lighting are ideal for casting light over gardens and pathways.

Outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty of your home's exterior and landscape garden areas, leaving your guests with a great first impression. The right lighting choice will not only enhance your outdoor spaces and properly illuminate the specific areas you're targeting, but will also offer you peace in mind from a security standpoint. 

2) design, color & fixture durability

We recommend choosing your design and color to complement your home's style.  contemporary fixtures would be best suited for modern architecture while classic designs will work best with more traditional homes. 

However, the quality of the fixtures shouldn't be neglected. A beautiful fixture is great! But if it doesn't stand up to the test of time then what was the point? Regardless of the finish, we highly recommend looking into high-quality copper and brass fixtures with a thinker gaged metal.

Copper and brass are nonferrous metals. This means that they will not rust or corrode over time. You don't want a tin aluminum fixture that will deteriorate after it is installed. Your landscape lighting will have to endure all the abuse the outdoor elements will throw at it.

Don't put in a system that will need to be replaced because all the fixtures are falling apart/no longer working.


3) light colors and intensity 

The colors and brightness of the lights can have a major impact on the overall mood you are trying to achieve.

Kelvin temperature is something lighting designers talk about a lot. Kelvin is the term used to describe the feel or character of the light. For example, a light that is 2700Kelvin (2700k), has a much warmer feel to it and tends to mimic the warmer tone of a traditional halogen light bulb. 6500k is very sharp bright white and almost starts to lean into a slight bluish heugh.  

At the big box store, light bulbs are often marked as either soft white, bright white, or daylight. They mark them this way to simplify the kelvin scale. But if your dealing in kelvin temperature, the easiest way to remember it is this: the higher the kelvin temperature the cooler the feel. If you'd like to delve deeper into LED color temperature and what LEDs will work best for your landscape lighting, click here!

You should also ensure that your lighting color choice complements the exterior of your home. Most would agree that warmer lights should be used to enhance the natural color of the landscaping.

Cooler white lights are best utilized to brighten up workspaces, like outdoor kitchens.

Colored lights, i.e. green, red, blue, etc. are often best used sparingly for decorative purposes.


4) LED cost efficiency, durability & lighting control 

LED lights are hands down more cost-effective in the long term when compared to other landscape lighting options like halogen light bulbs. They are also much more durable. 

To put into perspective, LED light bulbs use 1/8 to 1/4 of the power required to power a traditional halogen light bulb at the same intensity. 

Landscape halogen light bulbs also lack in durability. Halogen landscape bulbs usually last about a year, maybe 2, before they need to be replaced. LED light bulbs, if they perform how they should and don't come into contact with moisture, will last upwards of 15 years. 


The technological capabilities of a lighting system are also an important consideration.

Everyone is moving to smart home control systems. This can be expanded out into your landscape with smart exterior landscape lighting.

We offer solutions that allow you to customize different control zones, dimmability, and on/off times all from an app on your smartphone. 

5) safety

Outdoor landscape lighting not only enhances the curb appeal of your home but also adds security to your property. Properly lit homes will not only deter crime but will also reduce the risk of trips or falls due to poor lighting. Another option is to select brighter lights and specific fixtures that will cast light over a larger space, allowing you to illuminate all your dark areas.

If you have teenagers, illuminating the darker areas might be an extra good idea. We're joking, of course. 


challenges to expect when choosing residential outdoor lighting 

While the above-mentioned factors may help you formulate ideas for your exterior lighting system, you still might run into some issues along the way. If you're interested in hiring a professional company to help you with your outdoor lighting needs, download our free hiring guide!


be willing to make compromises 

When selecting the appropriate lighting system, a number of things must be taken into account: beauty, safety & security. In addition, you'll need to find an ideal balance between cost, durability, practicality, and use. 

what to do next?

If you're unsure of where to get started, it may be wise to choose a trusted professional, like Landscape Lighting Pro, to make the entire process easier. 

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