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5 Home Security Lighting Ideas for Your Landscape Lighting

It goes without saying that home security has never been more important. The unfortunate risk that comes with home ownership is the possibility of crime. And if the news tells us anything, crime can happen anywhere. Outdoor security lighting is a great way to illuminate your home and create a serious deterrent for trespassers at night.

Here are 5 great ideas to help you create effective security lighting for your home.

Idea 1: Don’t Use Lights with Motion Sensors.

It’s been made apparent by professionals in the security industry that motion sensors are an ineffective approach to security lighting.

Contrary to popular belief, in recent years it’s been recognized that motion sensors do not deter trespassers as effectively as once thought. The problem is that they don’t create a deterrence until after the criminal mind has decided to enter the property.


The most important element for deterring trespassers from entering your property with lighting is for there to be light. If a trespasser sees a dark residence, it becomes a potential target.

When a trespasser locks in on their target, they’ve already made up their mind: a motion sensor light coming on after they’ve decided to enter the property isn’t going to stop them.

The goal should be for your lighting to deter before a trespasser even sees your home as a target.

A well illuminated property is a property less trespassed. This is the why motion sensor lights fail.

Idea 2: Light for Beauty that Doesn’t Intrude on Neighbors

Security lighting doesn’t have to consist of overpowered flood lighting. Your neighbors in particular will be grateful if there aren’t bright lights blaring into their windows at night.

Lighting can be done in a more beautiful fashion to complement your home’s architectural features as well as enhance key landscape elements.

The key is to make sure the viewer sees the light’s effect but not the source.

An artistic approach to security lighting offers a warm and inviting emotion to you and your guests, while simultaneously discouraging unwanted visitors. 

Idea 3: Creating Rings of Security


It isn’t enough to only have your home aglow. The effectiveness of your security lighting is influenced by the light around your home. Outdoor lighting improves greatly when it is done to create rings of security.

Creating rings of security means creating layers of light throughout your property.

Landscape lighting offers a lot of value to your security lighting system because it brings the light out into the landscape. This adds the layers your landscape lighting needs.

Path lights and down lights illuminate the walkways and patio spaces while up lights and flood lights provide a heightened sense of visual control over your surroundings. Looking out your window at night, you’ll be able to see deeper into your property without

Think of lighting as an added measure, a fence surrounding your home. The more layers of light there are around your home, the more layers of fence.

Idea 4: Illuminate the Garage and the side Door Area

There are certain areas around your home that need security more than others. The garage and side door to the garage are high risk areas. These areas should both be illuminated if security is your number one concern.


Architecturally lighting the pillars on either side of the garage is a highly effective way to accent and frame the door. Framing the garage door with light lets you see what is happening on either side of the door.

The side door to the garage is a serious concern. The side door is the weak point in a home’s defense. Illuminating this area is a must.

Idea 5: Leave your Lights on From Dusk to Dawn

Security lighting can make your home safer and add beautiful enhancement. That said, safety is still most important. Having your lights operate from Dusk to Dawn means your property will be securely lit from dusk to dawn.

Crime doesn’t have a curfew. A trespasser could wonder onto your property no matter the time of night. The chances of this happening increases if your lights are turning off after only a few hours.  


Adding security lighting to your home shows a potential trespasser that they will be seen, that this home is a risk, and that they will more likely be caught if they intrude on your property.

In the mind of a trespasser, it makes more sense to move on to a darker home that offers less risk of being caught. Trespassers don’t want to intrude on a well illuminated property. 


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