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5 Principles That Have Made Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah Leaders in the Outdoor Lighting Industry



1. Dedication to Our Craft

Put simply, outdoor lighting is all we do. Since 2003, Landscape Lighting Pro has committed itself to the Art of Light. Rather than dabble in anything else, we have chosen to focus on the thing we do best - create beautiful lighting solutions to enrich your home's curb appeal and complete your outdoor living space. The last thing we've ever wanted to be is a jack of all trades and a master of none. We are dedicated to our trade and have devoted ourselves to setting the bar for what outdoor lighting ought to be. 


2. We Only Use Quality Crafted Components

We only install systems that are tried and true. Rather than hand you a catalog and ask you which Big Box Store or mass produced products you would like in your yard, we've done our research and only provide you with the best products for your home. We've been in business long enough to understand that superior engineered fixtures are fundamental to the long term success of your outdoor lighting system. 

When we look at a product, we are scrupulously examining how it is made, if it will hold up for the next couple decades in an outdoor environment, and if the inside components are of high quality. To ensure that our fixtures meet our standards, we have many of our products manufactured for us. We've seen what makes a product successfully stand above the rest, and so we have our own fixtures built to go above and beyond. Our mission is to provide lighting systems that will last for years to come. We stand behind our product; every one of our fixtures comes with a lifetime warranty

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3. Superior Designs

No matter how great a lighting system is, or how solid the fixtures and components are, or even how well it's been installed, a lighting system is only as good as its design. Lighting design is where the "we do it all" guys fall short. Creating a lighting design that will will enhance the architecture of your home, and breathe life into your landscape, takes finesse and a true artistic eye.


Anyone can throw a light at a tree and call it landscape lighting. It's something else entirely to take the time to study and understand which light is needed to interact with that tree. To select the correct beam spread, Kelvin strength, fixture placement, and lumen intensity to capture that piece takes nothing less than years of experience in lighting design. 

4. We Stand Behind Our Top Notch Service

Our fixtures come with a lifetime guarantee, but should something happen down the road, we are here to quickly respond to any foreseeable problems. With our warehouse's complete inventory of specialty parts and lamps, we will always have what we need on hand to respond to your problem promptly. Each of our trucks is equipped with specialty tools, products, and equipment to enable us to come out to your home at a moments notice. In addition, we also provide service programs to ensure your lighting system is always running at peak performance. Our customized service plans are tailored to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in always being there for our clients, and take care of problems promptly, and correctly. 


5. Our Team Makes Us Truly Shine 

Even though we've heard it all before, we can't help but feel proud of our guys when we hear our clients tell us how much they love our employees. We treat your home with respect, and conduct ourselves as professionals. We leave your home, your flower bed, and your landscape the way we found it. Our clients have even commented that they didn't realize we'd come and completed the project until the evening when their new lights had come on. 


Give us a call: To learn more about how to light your outdoor living space, call us at (801) 440-7647 to schedule a free consultation, or feel free to simply fill out a contact form on our website, www.utahlights.com

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