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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Landscape Lighting Contractor


The initial face to face meeting, between you and the contractor you are considering, should take place in your “ballpark”.  Before discussing the details of this lighting project, you need to qualify the lighting contractor in regards to what you feel are important when planning to engage in this collaborative venture in your outdoor lighting design and installation.  

All outdoor lighting professionals assume categories relating to experience and knowledge will be asked and discussed in the initial meeting and hopefully will be answered to your satisfaction.  This phase is where the collaborative process begins and will continue throughout the project and beyond.


     There are Five questions that should be asked by you, the client, to the Outdoor Lighting Professional Contractor:

  1. Do you have all the licenses, registrations and insurances necessary to protect both parties on the lighting project?
  2. What knowledge, experience and expertise does your company have that qualifies you to design, install and maintain a landscape lighting project?
  3. Will you provide references of customers that your company has successfully completed as well as lighting projects that have received and continue to receive service?
  4. Does the outdoor lighting system that you install have warranties for the products you install, the workmanship you apply and the longevity of the system itself?
  5. When both parties sign the contract to initiate this project can your company determine a timetable to complete the project taking into consideration for extenuating circumstances unforeseen at the beginning of the lighting project?


     The above list of very important questions is a guideline to satisfy your issues, concerns and confidence that the contractor is capable, qualified and experienced in the outdoor lighting industry.  At Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, they have developed a very sophisticated website ( that is very useful and extremely “user friendly” to navigate.  

Many of your questions and concerns can be clarified on the site. Beyond that, there is contact information to take the extra step for Utah Lights to clarify any points you may have.  When you feel comfortable and confident, contact the professional at Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah and set up an initial appointment to begin the process where you can begin the collaboration by laying out your ideas and vision of your lighting project.  

Then take the step that many Utahns like your self have already taken.  Contract with Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah to design, install and maintain your new outdoor lighting system.  Soon you will be sitting on your deck enjoying the night time pleasures of your outdoor lighting system with your family and friends.

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