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6 Areas Undercap Lights Can Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space!

Outdoor living spaces do so much for a home. They expand the interior of the home by creating a new place for you and guests to sit and visit. Adding landscape lighting to these areas extend the use of them because it allows you to utilize them after this sun goes down. 

One lighting technique that is extremely useful and adds value to outdoor living spaces is undercap lighting. This technique is one where the fixture itself is installed to shine down to define space, provide safety, and add dimension to an area. 

Here are 6 areas undercap lights can enhance your outdoor space! 

Sitting benches


Often times undercap lights are called 'bench lights' so it is inevitable that a sitting bench could benefit from this lighting technique! If you have a permanent sitting bench, undercap lights help to determine the edges of the bench for those going to take a seat. This is especially helpful when the bench is in a dark area of the property or near a fire pit. 

Accent walls


If you have an accent or retaining wall in your outdoor living space, undercap lights can add a great deal of dimension to the property as a whole. They help define the boards of the area and keep you and your guests safe from tripping and falling in the area.

Undercap lighting on accent or retaining walls can also bring light to a nearby path, making it easy to see exactly where you are going when walking the path at night. 

Steps and stairs


Steps and stair cases pose as such a hazard in the dark. Without the property lighting it makes it hard to ascend and descend without tripping and falling. Undercap lights help to eliminate this hazard by casting light directly onto the step. 

They are installed directly into the vertical face of the stair, creating a seamless look in the daylight and providing a great deal of safety in the dark. 

Outdoor kitchen 


Outdoor kitchens are perfect for those summer evening get-togethers with family and friends. Lighting installed under the counter tops a great addition that every outdoor kitchen needs! Undercap lights under the counter tops bring both beauty and functionality to the outdoor kitchen area. They not only aid in the preparation of food, but it also helps those going to sit at the counter to see where they are going and what they are eating!

Since this lighting technique is designed to shine downward, the undercap lights highlight all the intricate details your outdoor kitchen has to offer. They add a deep a great level of beauty that is otherwise lost when the sun goes down. 

Fire pit


An evening by the fire is one of the best ways to spend a night with family and fiends. Adding lighting to a permanent fire pit might sounds odd, but the truth is, it is a great way to use undercap lights! When the light is fixed up under the lip of the fire pit, it shines down toward the ground to illuminate the area around the pit. 

This provides that much needed safety element around the fire pit while not disrupting the ambiance of the flames. In addition, the light illuminates the fire pit itself when you are not having a fire to add beauty to the space and also keep guests from tripping over it during a dark evening outdoors!

Pro tip

Contrary to common belief, undercap lights can be installed after the construction of any of these areas! With a professional lighting designer and technician, you will be able to create beautiful and seamless look for your outdoor living spaces. It is always a good idea to get the designer involved early, however, so they can plan and create your vision for your outdoor space. 

Are you looking for a landscape lighting professional? 

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