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8 Mental Health Benefits to Having a Beautifully lit Outdoor Sanctuary

A client once told me that the reason she spends all day working in her garden is because its cheaper than going to seen a therapist. Time spent outside can be incredibly relaxing! Especially at night! In this post, we discuss how beautiful outdoor lighting in your backyard sanctuary can help you maintain your sanity.

1. Tranquil lighting can help your mind escape

An outdoor living space can be the perfect place for a mental escape from the rest of the world.  Lighting In the evening, particularly warm and softly toned lighting levels, can have a calming affect.

There is a reason why the flickering flames from scented candles make a warm bath that much more enjoyable!

Nothing is quite as relaxing as a softly lit atmosphere. This applies to your outdoor sanctuary as much as it does an upscale restaurant. We retreat to them so we can elevate our lives and take a deep breath. A quiet and calm atmosphere is the key to a relaxing time.

Don't underestimate what a beautifully lit yard can do for your mental health.



2. Outdoor lighting helps our therapeutic needs

The outdoors are rejuvenating! For our own mental health, we want to be out there for as long as possible.


With beautiful landscape lighting, you don't have to head back inside just because the sun has set. Extending the amount of time we can spend in our outdoor sanctuary can make such a difference for our own personal self building. 

A nice evening outdoors can be made so much more enjoyable when there is light to see by. Outdoor lighting can transform our outdoor living space into a fully functional outdoor living room, no matter if its day or night.

3. Feel relaxed even when your indoors

One of the beautiful things about landscape lighting is the way it helps to draw us outside at night. By illuminating key landscape features outside our windows, our peripheries are consistently teased with glimpses of our outdoor spaces.

A view of the back patio from the kitchen window at night can be all the prompting our subconscious needs to decide dinner would better served outside. 

If spending time outdoors is therapeutic and helps you unwind, then chances are you're already looking for reasons to get outside more. Lighting can help make time spent outside that much more enticing.

4. Security lighting for peace of mind and staying safe

Security lighting can be important for your own peace of mind. Visual control over your surroundings will help you keep your sanity if you're worried about your home's security. 

Don't feel stressed or oppressed by a dark backyard or home. When you hear a noise outside, the ability to look out the window and quickly see if anything is amiss will change how you feel about the areas outside your home at night. Don't feel uncomfortable taking out the trash or checking the mailbox at night. 

Remember, a well lit home is a home less trespassed

Japanese maple, pine trees and steps with lighting


5. Lighting helps you appreciate what you've created

It takes a lot of work and planning to create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary. Taking pride in what you've done for yourself is important for enjoying your space to the fullest. Outdoor lighting adds another layer to this experience by enabling you to enjoy what you've done in the evening - the time when you can actually enjoy your space. 

With so much to get done during the day, it usually isn't until later in the evening that we get to unwind and decompress. If the evening is when we get to take pride in what we've built for ourselves, then it only makes sense that we'd want our outdoor living to be well suited for night time use. Relaxing at the end of the day is something we are all seeking: it's how we maintain our sanity!

Taking pride in your outdoor sanctuary is essential to enjoying it at night.

6. Time with Family

Getting to spend more time with family is wonderful. A nice evening with the family doesn't have to mean gathering around the TV in the living room every night. 


Why not have dinner out on the patio?

Plan activities around being outside! Lite up the fire pit and roast some s'mores, play some yard games, or help the kids with their chip shot on your illuminated putting green!

7. Time to Yourself

Time with family is always nice, but sometimes being cooped up with everyone for too long can make us a little nutty. Time to yourself can be important too!

Patio-Pergola-Deck-1Walking around your  backyard at night can be an oddly  peaceful time for self reflection and personal space. A landscape cast in the right light can make our time for self reflection an uplifting experience. Outdoor lighting can help recharge the ol' batteries, as they say. 

When you need to get out of the house to be alone, your outdoor sanctuary can be a terrific place for gathering your thoughts and escaping from everything, even if its only for a moment. 

8. Entertaining

Outdoor lighting can be great for entertaining and creating a festive atmosphere! We all feel that's its been too long since we saw someone last.

Excited to finally have guests over again?

The right lighting scheme can reduce the need to go all out with decorating or trying to create the perfect atmosphere.

Pergola Bistro Patio Furniture

String lights suspended over the patio can really set the tone for the evening and make you're life easier. With the flip of a switch, an exciting atmosphere is ready for your backyard soiree. 

If you want to add  dimmer switch, your string lights can also be turned down to create a more romantic or intimate atmosphere. With a dimmer control, you decide what kind of tone you want to create for the evening. 

Keeping your sanity can be as simple as adding lighting!

When you find yourself spending more time at home, its easy to get a little stir crazy. Adding landscape lighting to your outdoor sanctuary helps you spend a little more time outside working on your mental health and quality of life, and less time in the clutches of cabin fever!

Do you need lighting to relax?

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