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Are Soffit Lights the Best Option to Light your Home?

Exterior lights are a very common and popular way to enhance your home after dark. When you light the architecture of your home, it inevitably increases the curb appeal and safety at night. The lighting creates this warm and welcoming feel to the front of your home.

One of the most commonly used lights for this type of project are soffit lights. Exterior soffit lights bring that much need and wanted illumination to your home, but is it the best option? Learn about soffit lighting and an alternate lighting option for your home's exterior to achieve your desired look!

What are soffit lights?


Exterior soffit lighting is a technique where a can light is recessed up into the gables, soffits, or the flat parts beneath the roofline. Since the light is recessed up in the roofline area, the light shines down onto the architecture below. This technique is meant to provide safety and functionality, as well as, highlight the architectural features of your home.

Unfortunately, lighting your home solely with soffit lighting can create a look that is undesirable. Don't get us wrong, there is definitely a place for soffit lighting, but when used in the wrong way or too excessively, it can lead to your home looking like a spaceship ready for takeoff. 

How do you avoid the spaceship effect?


The best and most effective way to avoid the undesirable spaceship effect is by incorporating up lights in the lighting design. Up lights are placed at the base of your home and washes light up onto the architecture. Since it is lighting the home from the ground up, it will softly illuminate the home's exterior to create a warm and welcoming feel to the home. It adds the safety and curb appeal that is desired without the light coming entirely from above. When the levels of the soffit lights are not overpowering, lighting from above and below can work in conjunction to create a beautiful result. 

In addition, incorporating landscape lighting around the property will make the lighting feel cohesive and appealing. When you light the landscape, it helps eliminate dark holes around the property. This helps add to the safety and warm environment to your home when arriving after dark.

All in all, soffit lighting can bring the functionality you need from your exterior lighting system, but to enhance the look and feel of your home after dark, it is vital to work in up lighting and landscape lighting to ensure you are not getting an undesirable look to your home's exterior.

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