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Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah: Standing Above The Rest Through Exceptional Customer Service

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At Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, we want our clients to know we care about them. We make a potential client our number one priority as soon as they call or email us, we strive to help them right away. We all know how it feels to be waiting for a return call and it never comes, we are told often by customers how much they appreciate us calling them back. 

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Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah's Night Out At Top Golf

We love to have fun at Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah and what better way than with some fun competition amongst co-workers playing Top Golf. As we played together, we got to know one another a little better as we all tried to help each other out with our golf swings.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Holiday Lighting

It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the air has a nip to it, and you find yourself thinking about Christmas lighting. While September may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas, the truth is that your lighting specialists have already begun prepping for the holiday season. Your holiday lighting specialists have hundreds of beautiful homes to get dressed up with light for the holidays every year, which is why it's never too early to contact them.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Garden Lighting

When meeting to consult with an Outdoor Garden Lighting Company, you may find that asking these 5 questions will help you decide on an installation expert:

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Outdoor Security Lighting for Your Home Never Looked so Good!

Many times, residential burglaries are crimes of opportunity caused by homeowner oversight. It is just as important to secure your residence, even if you are home, as it is to secure your vehicle. It does not take long at all for an experienced thief to locate and remove valuables from your home. An experienced thief may even enter and leave your property without your knowledge!

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"They're Really Good Landscape Lighting Fixtures, I Can't Figure Out Why They Keep Breaking?"

I don't like having dissatisfied clients. So, I work hard to make sure that our approach leaves everyone pleased with the results. I'm big on quality control and I work hard to perfect our process so we can eliminate failures in the field. If I don't think something is right for my customer, I'll let them know. I won't compromise quality and their overall satisfaction just to make a sale.



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Tips for Lighting Water Features, Ponds, and Waterfalls

Is there anything more relaxing that the sound of trickling water on a summer evening?  Property owners frequently describe the pond or waterfalls, as the feature they treasure most when I visit with them to discuss their lighting needs. 

Often, home owners install these water features to drown out distracting sounds: nearby street traffic, busy parks in the neighborhood, and other sounds of urban life that can take tranquility away from a personal outdoor setting. 



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5 Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Swimming Pool

Grab that sunblock and spark up that barbecue, summer will be heating up soon! If you are like many of us we can't wait for the warm days ahead. If you are lucky enough to cool down in your own backyard swimming pool then you sure don't want the party to be over at sunset. Transform your evening experience to take on the resort feel with the enhancement of a professionally designed LED Landscape Lighting System. We hear all the time from our satisfied customers that they don't know how they ever got along without the added beautification of their energy efficient LED Outdoor Lighting. We have listed five ideas that can provide a wondrous lighting effect for your swimming pool area.

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The 3 Best Wash Lighting Techniques to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Experience

Wash lighting is what brings your landscape all together after dark. Many lighting designers have found that wash lighting is the secret ingredient to set the stage for true ambiance. Indirect lighting, which is created by applying different wash lighting techniques, transforms the dark and ominous backdrop into something friendly and familiar. When done correctly, wash lighting has a way of blending in the backdrop without obscuring it.  


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Do I Need a Professional For My LED Landscape Lighting Installation?

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When looking at LED landscape lighting for your home, you may consider attempting to do your own installation and design, or even entrusting a tradesman who is not an outdoor lighting specialist. It can be tempting to hire a contractor or landscaper who offers these services, in addition to the other work they do, for low prices. Don't be fooled; saving a few dollars by hiring a tradesman will not create the same result as what hiring a lighting specialist will produce.

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