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Landscape Lighting for Value, Beauty, and Security


Most of us want our home to be a sanctuary, a place for our family to feel safe and secure. Often, I am asked what value a professionally installed outdoor lighting system will bring to their property value or resale value.  I find most decisions we make for our homes are based on the joy and fulfillment our homes bring us through time spent with our loved ones and friends. Custom outdoor lighting will simply enhance our homes and enhance our life experiences. Consider: enjoying the family's pool, barbecuing under the pergola on a summer night, an evening spent with friends on the patio, what could make these enjoyable times better that, some outdoor nights to set the tone.
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Why Service your LED Landscape Lighting System

If your LED landscape lighting system was designed and installed by Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, then you can feel confident in the quality of your outdoor lighting system, assured that the system's design was engineered to last and perform for years to come. Only the best materials were used, and installation practices performed, to withstand the elements that will challenge your lighting system year round.

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Down Lighting vs. Pathway Lighting

Down Lighting or Path Lighting?

You might be asking yourself what the best option for your landscape lighting design project might be; is there a benefit to one approach over the other? The answer may be yes or no. Consider your goals for the project, the span of the project, the limitations of the project, and which style might fit your needs best.


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Landscape Lighting Design Done in Collaboration with Landscape Architects & Builders

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In addition to the home itself, the landscape is an essential component for making a dream home come to life, which is why when it comes to building and creating your dream home, it's likely you will want to be working with trusted professionals to manage the various aspects of the project. Building your dream home will require several specialized professionals, such as: an architect, a builder, a landscape architect, landscape designer, etc. Bringing experts in from individual trade professions only makes sense. Having all these trade professionals working in collaboration with one another will, in many circumstances, be the key to creating the best outcome for your property.



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Setting a Budget for your Landscape Lighting Project

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When I go to create an outdoor lighting proposal for a perspective client, rarely will the client tell me that the price of the project is not a concern. As with any project, many variables can come into play when assessing costs. This is why it's always important to keep a budget in mind. When it comes to a landscape lighting project, having a budget in mind will help you make decisions. For example, having a budget will help you make decisions about which aspects within your darkened landscape the project should focus to illuminate and capture. Just as landscapes can differ, an individual's tastes and priorities when it comes to lighting effects and enhancements will also differ. This is why it's important that we, the client and myself, establish their priorities for the project early in the planning process.

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What to Expect From Your Landscape Lighting Professional

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Landscape lighting professionals are dedicated to their trade. The technical know how and experience necessary, to do landscape lighting at the top level, can take years of practice in the field to acquire. Because outdoor lighting professionals want to become the best at what they do, they do not associate with any other trades. A landscape lighting professional is not a jack of all trades, but rather, a master at his craft. When hiring an outdoor lighting professional, you should expect them to be an expert at what they do.

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3 Principles to Consider when Installing Landscape Lighting

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In previous posts, we have discussed numerous aspects of outdoor lighting. We have covered nearly everything from lighting the pergola, illuminating the patio, hardscape, water features, to even lighting that favorite Japanese maple tree. With this new topic, "3 Principles to Consider when Installing Landscape Lights," we wish to direct your attention to the 3 basic and  most important, principles to landscape lighting installation:

  • Design
  • Products
  • Engineering



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The 6 Biggest Mistakes Landscape Lighting Do It Yourselfers Make

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People who are new to Landscape Lighting typically make 6 mistakes: 

  • Designing with fixtures instead of light
  • Not having a realistic budget
  • Using low quality wire connections
  • Installing undersized wire
  • Placing fixtures in poor locations
  • Not taking into account the possibility of light glare
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Why Is "Layering" Your Landscape Lighting Design So Important?

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What Is Layering Of Light?

When creating and designing your landscape lighting system there are 3 key elements that should never be overlooked.  These outdoor lighting ideas are what create the layers needed within a desirable lighting design.

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Accent                                      

Ambient Light:

Think of Ambient Lighting as lighting that can carry our view from one area to the next.  This also may be considered as our general or overall lighting that creates balance and composition within our overall project.  Ambient Lighting should set the overall tone or theme and should never overwhelm the overall design.  

Often wash lighting or down lighting will be used to address ambient lighting needs.  


Task Light:  

Functional task lighting is used for specific functional purpose.  Areas in your landscape such as pathways, stairs, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, outdoor dining areas, and under counter tops.  Any area requiring special needs especially safety and even security.  

Specialty or specific lighting fixtures assist in filling the job of Task Lighting more often than not. Path lighting, beam mounted pergola lighting, even a flexible BBQ light can come into play.  


Accent Light:

This aspect of lighting focuses on very specific features.   Importance or visual impact is placed on specific interest such as special trees, water features, vases, statues or sculpted art.  The visual element of Accent Light can be applied to many pieces of the landscape.  

With accent lighting, proper lamp selection and use of light should be carefully considered.  This can make or break any lighting design. 


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How Much Does Outdoor Holiday Lighting Cost?

While the smiles and happiness holiday lighting bring may be priceless, I’m betting you still want to know how much the festive décor is going to cost.

There are so many factors that affect the price — from the difficulty of the project to the products used — making it hard to give specific prices that cover all properties. An outdoor holiday lighting project could run anywhere from $500 to several thousand.

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