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The Best Techniques To Properly Floodlight Your House

Topics: Landscape Lighting Installation |

First, let me get something out in the open. I don’t really like the term “floodlighting.”

It sounds like you put one huge light in front of your house and, boom! Your home is blasted with a flood of stark light.

Grab your sunglasses and kiss any of the beautiful details of your home’s architecture goodbye.

The sad thing is, that’s exactly what some homeowners do.

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How Much Does Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Cost?

Imagine your dinner guests, gathered outside to check out your nifty new outdoor kitchen.

You have the menu planned, the music selected. Ice cubes clink festively in the drink glasses.

But as dusk settles over your party scene, things get a little dicey.

One guest trips and falls on the steps leading from one level of your patio to the next because she can’t see.

Another shows you the pork tenderloin you just served him. Nice garnish, pal, but seems it isn’t cooked enough. You were squinting over at the grill.  

You get the idea.

Don’t forget about safety.

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How to Light A Spa Or Hot Tub

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

If you’re like most people, you’re not crazy about the idea of bright lights shining on you when you’re relaxing in your spa or hot tub at night.

You won’t hear me say this often, but this is one situation where darker is better.

That said, there is need for some lighting out there. You and your guests need to find your way to the spa. Maybe you have benches nearby that could use a subtle wash of light.

There are ways to light a spa area without invading your privacy.

Grab your cover-up and let’s take a look.

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Landscape Lighting Trends Of 2015

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

Every year certain landscape lighting trends rise to the surface, reflecting the evolving ways homeowners love to enjoy their outdoor living spaces.

I love a new trend as much as the next person, but I’m most interested in those that stick around, that prove themselves.

I’m betting these four top landscape lighting trends of 2015 are here to stay. They reflect our love of ease and simplicity, our passion for entertaining out in the fresh air, our interest in saving money and, well, our love of things that are just plain cool.

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120V vs. 12V: Which is the Safer Landscape Lighting Option?

Topics: Landscape Lighting Installation |

While our end goal is beautiful, artistic outdoor landscape lighting, safety is among our top concerns.

How do we safely get the electricity to your outdoor landscape lighting?

There are two voltage choices for outdoor lighting: 120V vs. 12V.

Let’s take a look at which is the safest option.

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How to Light a Property to Inspire: Utah Freedom Memorial

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

Most landscape lighting jobs are satisfying, but every once in a while one comes along that touches your heart and feeds your soul.

That’s what happened when we had the honor of designing the lighting for the Utah Freedom Memorial, a memorial to honor Utah servicemen and women from past and present.

It’s a reverent spot here in Sandy, Utah, to honor soldiers from all branches of the military who gave their lives for freedom, as well as to help young people understand the sacrifices that have been made to secure that freedom.

This was no average outdoor lighting project.

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Is LED Lighting Sustainable? A Review of Usage and Cost Savings

I used to get a lot of pushback from clients about LED lighting. They worried about the color — would it be too cold and stark? — and the upfront cost.

But not anymore.

Most people now know that LED lighting has come a long way since it first arrived on the market a few years ago. The color is as warm and inviting as the halogen outdoor lights they love.

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How to Light A Commercial Property

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

When I get a call from a commercial property owner, it’s not because they don't have lights. They have lights — it’s required by city ordinances.

But are they pretty? Not usually.

A business may have street lights that illuminate the property in a functional way. Maybe they have big utilitarian bollards or basic lighting installed by electricians as part of the construction process.

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Landscape Lighting for Ponds and Water Features

Just when you thought water features couldn’t get any more magical, you see one with professional lighting, at night.


Waterfalls sparkle. Fountains become dramatic focal points. Pond surfaces glimmer and the lights beneath the surface reflect off fish as they swim past.

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When to Install Your Landscape Lighting: New Vs. Existing Landscape

Topics: Landscape Lighting Installation |

When is the right time for a landscape lighting designer to get involved in a landscaping project? Before it begins? As it begins? After everything else is done?

Here at Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, we get a lot of questions about when to install landscape lighting.

And the answer is...well, it depends.

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