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Benefits of Adding Bistro Lights

Isn't it lovely sitting on a patio with string lights hung above you making your experience more enjoyable? It evokes the feeling of sitting in a European bistro, equal parts festive and relaxing. 

These lights have many names. They are often called string lights, bistro lights, or cafe lights, but whichever you prefer, they provide a festive vibe to your yard!

Here are a few ways you can use bistro lights when it comes to lighting your outdoor space!


One of the best reasons to add bistro lights to an outdoor landscape is the ambiance it delivers. Hung over a patio, dangled inside a pergola, or stretched between trees, bistro lighting successfully creates a gentle light to set the mood. 

Bistro lights establish the ideal vibe for any planned outdoor event, whether it be a barbecue, wedding, or just a casual get-together with friends. 

This experience can be taken up a notch simply by adding dimmers to bistro lights to make the effect just right. 


Encouraging Being Outside

One of the unexpected advantages of having outdoor lighting is its power to pull you outside to enjoy your living space. Visualize while sitting inside and you are looking out to see your beautiful bistro lighting shining above your patio, producing the most pleasant surroundings. Wouldn't you want to enjoy them anything of the year? Absolutely! 

Bistro lights are very versatile in how they can create a stunning effect for a large gathering or provide that special touch for a private night at home. 



Another great reason for adding bistro lighting to your outdoor living spaces are the many functions they can play. 

With the sun going down earlier, we are often forced to move inside because we can no longer see what we are doing. By adding bistro lights, you can enjoy your evening long after the sun goes down. 


Learn more about the bistro lights and their value in the video below! 

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