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Bring Life to Your Outdoor Living Space with these 4 Lighting Ideas!

Before we know it, the weather is going to change. The days will be longer, the trees will be budding, and outdoor living spaces will feel more inviting. This blog gives 4 lighting ideas for your home this Spring! 

Outdoor kitchen


One of the best parts of Spring is being able to start using the outdoor kitchen! There are so many ways to enhance an outdoor kitchen through lighting that make it extremely functional and a go-to space for get-togethers.

The goal when lighting an outdoor kitchen is to make all the chopping, grilling, serving, and eating easier! Task lighting placed above the grill, or one of our flexible grill lights installed next to it, will aid in the grilling process. Adding LED strip lights under the edges of counter or bar tops and inside lower cabinets is a great way to bring functionality as well because these are all spaces overhead lights aren’t able to hit!

If you have a pergola over the kitchen or eating area, mounted lights in the beams or bistro lights are both great ways to ensure you and your guests are able to see what is on the plate. Check out all the ways we light an outdoor kitchen here.



There is something about enjoying an evening under perfectly hung bistro lights. Stringing bistros inside a pergola or above an outdoor living space allows for fun even after the sun goes down. They bring such a festive atmosphere to every event or gathering no matter how big or small!

Professional bistro lights differ from those that you can buy at a big box store. The bistros a professional lighting designer installs are designed to last through all the outdoor elements! In addition, a dimmer can be added to the bistro lights so you can control the light to create the perfect atmosphere every time. Learn about our favorite bistro lighting techniques here.

Fire pit


Much like the Fall, Spring has those cool, crisp nights that are perfect for sitting out by the fire. There are quite a few ways to create an inviting and safe fire pit area through lighting. If there is a permanent sitting wall, adding undercap lights under the edges will create a very aesthetically pleasing element to the area.

This also brings safety to the area because it allows you and your guest to see exactly where you are going when gathered around the fire. In the same way, installing path lights along the footpath leading to the fire pit can help eliminate tripping and falling when heading out to the fire. Learn more about lighting a fire pit here.

Putting green


Nothing says Spring like golf! If you are a golfer, we bet you have spent most of the winter dreaming of being back on the greens on the course. Or you have been practicing on your personal putting green in your backyard! Without the proper lighting however, getting those practice putts in would be a struggle. As you can see from the image above, we can create a moonlighting effect over the putting green to keep your game on track even after the sun goes down.

Moonlighting is simply creating that soft glow of light from above so the light casts down…like the moon. We mount a fixture high in a tree or on the architecture of a home and angle them in such a way that the glare creates that subtle and ambient light over the space below. Learn more about moonlighting here.

Ready to light your home for Spring?

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