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Converting Your Existing Landscape Lighting to LED

With the technological advancements we've seen in outdoor illumination over the last decade, it's a wonder that anyone wouldn't want to take advantage of using energy efficient LED lamps.

Using Halogen lamps are a thing of the past. 

You don't have to go on a living in the halogen stone age. By retrofitting your system with LED lamps, your outdoor lighting experience can be greatly improved. 

In order to better understand the differences between these two types of lamps, let's take a look at Halogen and LED more closely. 



The halogen lamp is based off 79th century incandescent technology. Constructed of quartz halogen filled glass and tungsten filament, halogen lamps are not far off from the technology of the original bulb. 

How do they work? As electricity passes through the filament, it produces light and heat. These lamps are rated for 2,000 hours of lamp life. This roughly equates to one year of lamp life if the lamp is run for 7-8 hours every evening

They also use a considerable amount of energy & electricity to operate. 

Price: $



LED stand for light emitting diode. As electricity passes through the diode, it emits light. Is is that simple (we will spare you the lecture about all the science behind it all!)

LED lamps are efficient in that they don't produce excessive heat, and heat, and they require very little electricity. In addition, most LED lamps are rated for up to 50,000 hours of lamp life. This would mean that if you ran your lights from dusk til dawn every single night, you would still be able to expect them to operate to upwards of 15 years. 


Price: $$



The LED lamp really does win by a landslid. If you want better energy efficiency, increased lamp hours, and reduced electrical consumption, LED lighting is your best choice! 



While this topic - Quality of Design - could take up an entire blog post (which it likely will in a future post) we will try to keep it short. When a lighting design incorporates LED the right way, we have greater control over these scenes the lights are helping to create. With a multitude of different beam angles and lumen outputs, we are able to light everything appropriately. 

In addition, LED technology has come a long way from where it was even just a few years ago. What was once cold and blue is now warm and soft. It's difficult to even tell the difference between an LED  and Halogen lamp nowadays. 



The price of an LED lamp costs more than a halogen bulb; this is true, but if you look at it over time you will save a lot of money by switching to LED. A halogen lamp will need to be replaced almost always annually. Halogen lamps cost more in electricity to have running as well. An LED lamp will have paid for itself a couple of times over in the amount of savings it will generate. 


There really is no losing with LED. If you have considered your lighting system with LED technology, give us a call, we're happy to come give you the wonderful landscape ighting you've always dreamed of at your home.

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