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Create an Inviting Home by Illuminating the Entrances

When a home has landscape lighting, it makes the home inviting and approachable for both the owner and their guests. The front entrance, and path to it, is clear and well lit allowing a home owner to not only see who is approaching the home, but guides guests easily to and from. 

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Here are 3 ways we like to illuminate a home’s entrance:

1. Walkways 


One of the best, and most common, ways to light the entrance of a home is by incorporating path lights to your walkways or paths. When path lights are added to a home’s entrance, it brings safety and beauty to the front of the home.

Landscape Lighting Pro strategically places these path lights to illuminate the path with the perfect amount of light to light the way without over lighting. We do this by staggering the path lights in a way that guides you and your guests to the entrance without lighting it up like the 4th of July! 

The path lights can cast a 10' to 14' wide light beam providing the guidance needed at night as well as curb appeal to your home. 

2. Landscape 


Another way to ensure safety and curb appeal for a home’s entrances is to add outdoor lighting to your front landscape. Illuminating the landscape surrounding the entrances of a home creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all that visit. 

Although the landscape is not a direct illumination of an entrance, it lights the area leading to and from, eliminating dark and uninviting areas in the surrounding space. We will place the fixtures in such a way that it showcases the landscape in its best light while at the same time provide that safety a homeowner seeks.

3. Architecture 


A third way we like to bring light to a home’s entrance is by adding uplighting to the architecture of the home. We take a deliberate approach to where we place these uplights on the architecture. Doing so allows us to highlight the unique and gorgeous elements a home has to offer in the daylight at night. 

In addition to curb appeal, it brings light to the entrances of the home. Whether it is near the garage or the front door, it will give you and your guests a sense of ease when approaching your home. Much like lighting the landscape, architecture is not a direct illumination of an entrance, but it takes away those dark holes that make the home feel uninviting to guests. 

Are you ready to create an inviting atmosphere with landscape lighting?

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At Landscape Lighting Pro, the art of outdoor illumination is a real passion we work to perfect. Designing elegantly bespoke landscape lighting systems is simply all we do. 

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