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Different Elements to Consider when Lighting Your Home

Utilizing the right outdoor lighting can increase the look of both your home and outdoor space. Using different lighting techniques to create the desired effects and perform best for that purpose is the key to success. Lighting experts will help guide you in choosing the right outdoor lighting for your home and property. They can offer options as to which of the numerous types of lighting may work best for you and help you visualize how your property will look once lit. At Landscape Lighting Pro we've come up with a guide to follow as an overview of different outdoor lighting techniques available. 

Directional Lighting 

Directional lighting simply means lighting that travels in a specific direction. While general lighting provides even, overall illumination, directional lighting highlights a specific object or work surface. It is also usually provided by a stronger light source. Used alone or in conjunction with other types of lighting, directional lighting is an important part of a successful landscape lighting scheme. There are several types of directional lighting, including up and down lighting. 


When including directional lighting within your landscape, make sure you take into consideration the position of lights and shadow effects created when placing them to stay clear of blind spots or insufficient lighting. It may also help to take into consideration the plants in your yard. 

Up Lighting

Are you wanting to highlight the landscape design on your property? Up lighting is the way to go. This technique allows you to focus the light from the ground and shine upwards on your targeted outdoor accent.

When considering up lighting, be sure to take into account how the lit-up objects will appear throughout the year and what, if any, obstacles may come and go, such as leaves on trees and or snow banks. Also, pay attention to other light sources, both outdoors and from within, which could reduce the desired lighting contrast. Last, but maybe most important, choose an appropriate angle to create the effect and highlight your landscape feature most effectively. lighting-outdoor-slc-pond-tree

Down Lighting 

In contrast to up lighting, illumination of the outdoor space from above is called down lighting. Down lighting tends to change less with the seasons than up lighting, and will provide consistent function and effect. 

With down lighting, you can position the fixture on your patio or other suitable overhead structures to shine the light in desired directions to light up the desired subject. Going further, by using different light sources, such as low-voltage bulbs, you can ensure the optimal effect is delivered.


Pathway Lighting 

Pathway illumination is one of several ways to increase the beautiful charm of your yard and walkways while also delivering protection to your home and outdoor spaces. As this can also help avert trips and falls, it's key to select lighting that will make your paths brighter as well as more noticeable. 


Lots of people will use pathway lighting to cast a captivating glimmer along the path running up to their home to make it more inviting. 


Shadow lighting is a concept which captures contrasting dark and light to make unique outlines within your outdoor space. Using directional lighting, either up or down lighting, to create shadowing allows you to generate that special effect you desire. By using a wall or fence as a backdrop, you can further enhance this effect and even observe differences throughout the season. shadow-lightingSecurity Lighting 

Security lighting, as defined, is purposeful. It is used to increase the safety and security of your property and your home. The goal is to strategically illuminate your property to highlight blind spots, drawing special attention to walkways and entryways. 


Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting creates a captivating effect by enhancing the color and ability to see inside a pond, pool, fountain, or another body of water. A popular choice for underwater lighting is colored LEDs as they offer a number of color and brightness options to dial in the ideal effect. 


Are you looking for a professional lighting design? 

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