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Do I Need a Professional For My LED Landscape Lighting Installation?

When looking at LED landscape lighting for your home, you may consider attempting to do your own installation and design, or even entrusting a tradesman who is not an outdoor lighting specialist. It can be tempting to hire a contractor or landscaper who offers these services, in addition to the other work they do, for low prices. Don't be fooled; saving a few dollars by hiring a tradesman will not create the same result as what hiring a lighting specialist will produce.


When potential clients ask me if they can purchase our fixtures and do the installation themselves, I have to explain that our company is not a lighting retailer. For example, when I was presenting a lighting proposal to a prospective home owner a few months ago, he asked me if he could just buy our high quality lighting fixtures and install them himself. Intrigued, I asked why he felt he would be better served if he did the installation himself, rather than hire our professional installation service. He explained that he was a fairly handy guy and wanted to save a few dollars by providing his own labor. As our discussion continued, he professed that he had a background in mechanical engineering, which was why he felt he would be capable of doing the work himself. I appreciated his background, seeing how my own father also enjoyed a career in engineering at Aerospace. I described the connection we shared, and that my own father had taught me how a job worth doing is always worth doing right the first time. This customer and I were able to reach an understanding of where we were both coming from, which was why he was willing to hear me further explain that simply having the right products alone would not give him the results he desired. If I sold him the fixtures, it would be no different than if my favorite restaurant and Chef provided me with the ingredients for my favorite meal. He wouldn't be able to recreate the lighting design and techniques I use, the same way I could not duplicate a chef's culinary creation.

Knowledge and experience to understand and apply lighting design and innovation is different than simply having the components., just as acquiring oils, brushes and canvases alone, does not create a Picasso masterpiece.


Here are a few key points we discussed during our conversation:

1. Each of our install teams brings thousands of dollars of specialty tools and equipment to properly install and conceal the various components of an outdoor lighting system. Not to mention our understanding of the landscape and how to safely apply sound electrical principles and electrical code. We don't like slip ups and neither should you.

    Concrete-Core-Drilling-Lighting-Installation.jpg    Concrete-Core-Drilled-In-Grade-Up-Light.jpg

2. How many projects have you started that you thought would be a simple weekend job that for may reasons never seemed to be completed? Maybe you got in over your head or found out half way through that you lacked ability or specialty tools to complete the project.     

Horizontal-Core-Drill-Lighting-Installation.png  Core-Drill-Wall-Light.png

3.Precision and proper electrical load balance is a must if you expect your landscape lighting to perform for years to come. Going into lighting without an understanding of voltage drop formulas and failing to properly install LED lamps can cost you in the end.

 After we had finished discussing these key points and others, my new friend smiled and simply asked when we could get started.

After the completion of this installation he let me know that even though he could have taken the time to put a few lights together, he had no idea the extent and detail required to do what Landscape Lighting Pro did to create his beautiful new outdoor lighting system.

 There is a time and place for many do it yourself projects around your home. To create a beautifully designed LED landscape lighting system that is built to last, hiring a seasoned outdoor lighting professional with true passion for their craft is a must!

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