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Extending Your Landscape Into Fall With Landscape Lighting

Hate to say it, but summer is officially over. 

Pumpkin spice (EVERYTHING) & flannel shirts are both out in full force and evening temperatures have gone from cool to downright chilly. That means you have to pack up the grill, pull the plug on the outdoor lighting and completely forget about your landscape until next spring, right? Wrong!Slade-187-HDR-118-1

Frost dates aren’t the boss of you or your landscape! Too often, we stop expecting our landscapes to impress us as the days get shorter and we gradually shift our focus indoors. It’s only natural.

You loved your landscape lighting in the summer, but it shouldn’t end there. Outdoor lighting over the next few months can give you the biggest and most fulfilling bang for your buck.

Here are four ways landscape lighting can extend the life of your landscape this fall.

Outdoor Lighting Shines On Shorter Days

Did you know more than 10 million Americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? Another 25 million suffer from a milder form of the disorder called winter blues. Researchers suggest the significant drop off in outdoor light during the fall and winter months can act as a trigger for this type of depression. We need light. There’s no getting around it.


In the later months of the year, the sun sets earlier and earlier. That’s why it is so important to give yourself something to look forward as you drive home in the dark at the end of a long work day. Imagine pulling up to your home with the landscape lit up. It looks warm and inviting. Your mood lifts immediately. The right lighting can make all the difference.

You Can Enjoy Landscape Lighting From Indoors

This fall, up to 90 percent of your landscape lighting pleasure will come from the inside of your home looking out. With a little imagination and design, your window panes become picture frames looking out to a landscape brought to life by outdoor lighting.

Now you can watch the leaves change color all season long, well into the evening.

Moonlighting Adds Ambience To Your Landscape

Moonlighting is a landscape lighting technique that involves mounting lights high in trees to create an effect that replicates the natural light of a full moon.

Moonlighting gives the landscape a soft, shadowy glow as the lights are directed back toward the ground through a tree’s branches.


Safety From Outdoor Lighting Provides Peace Of Mind

As evenings get darker earlier, give your guests (and yourself) a break with well-lit entries, pathways and stairs. Walking around your property shouldn’t be a guessing game, but rather a sure-footed and safe experience.

Path lighting is one landscape lighting technique used to ensure that level of safety. Light is strategically positioned in areas that see above-average foot traffic. Path lighting can also double as accent lighting; it can even triple as security lighting.

Make The Most Of Your Landscape Lighting This Fall

There is never a bad time for outdoor lighting. But there is a best time for outdoor lighting, and that’s now. Longer nights mean more time for your landscape lighting features to do what they do best — illuminate your beautiful home and landscape.

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