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Fire Pit Lighting: Taking your Entertainment Space to a New Level

Is there anything better than spending a fall evening out by the fire? The answer is no (in our opinion at least)! Fire pits transform your outdoor space and create a go-to hangout spot. Adding outdoor lighting can take this area to a whole new level! 


Sitting Wall Lights




If you have a permanent rock wall or seating in your fire pit area, sitting wall lighting is a great option for enhancing your outdoor space. These light fixtures are installed under the edge of the permanent wall or seat, creating a very aesthetically pleasing element to your fire pit area. 


In addition, this technique adds safety to the area. Adding light to the stone walls and seats allows you to avoid family and friends running into or tripping over the corners of these elements. They will light the area surrounding the fire pit in a subtle, yet effective way.


Path Lights 




Another great option for adding lighting to your fire pit area is path lights. Path lights are a perfect way to illuminate the “path” to and from the fire pit in order to avoid tripping and falling. 


Since this fixture casts light close to the ground, it improves visibility greatly. It creates that safety element for both you and your guests trekking back and forth from the relaxing fire. 


Down Lighting 




Down of our favorite lighting techniques. Much like the moon shining to the ground, down lighting creates the most peaceful glow from above. Fixed in a nearby tree, pergola, or the eves of your home’s roof, down lighting can brighten the entire outdoor space in a soft, natural way. 


This lighting technique is perfect for those who love to have a dinner party followed by an evening by the fire. Since these overhead lights can be turned on and off, it allows for you to provide lighting while you mingle, followed by being dimmed or turned completely off when heading out to the fire.


Bistro Lights 




Bistro lights are the best way to make a festive and inviting space. They bring a soft ambiance to every outdoor gathering. Adding bistros near or around your fire pit area can light pathways around the fire pit without killing the mood of the roaring fire.  


Bistro lights are the perfect way to bring ambiance and functionality together as one. Learn more about bistro lighting here!


Looking to take your fire pit area to a whole new level?

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