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Flood Lighting for your Home without the Spotlight Feeling

When it comes to floodlighting, there is a fine line between creating functional security lighting without it feeling like a spotlight. Many when they hear the word “floodlight,” their minds go straight to the motion lights that flash on when..well..there is motion. These motion lights “flood” the space below with a bright light to ward off trespassers. 

Here are 3 techniques we “floodlight” your home without creating that spotlight effect:  

Light the Architecture 

floodlight_home secruity

When a homeowner is requesting floodlighting for their home, more often than not it is because they are seeking security for their property. Creating security through light does not mean you have to add the traditional “spotlight” version of floodlighting! Floodlighting is a basic element of landscape lighting, but can be used in a variety of ways. 

One of the main ways we incorporate floodlighting into a landscape lighting design is by using it to illuminate the architecture of the home. We place the fixtures low in the landscape, directing them up at the home. Doing so creates a wash of light, highlighting the beautiful elements of your architecture. It not only provides security by illuminating the home, but it also provides a warm and welcoming element for guests. 

Light the Landscape 


When thinking about floodlighting, trees and bushes are not the first that come to mind. Obviously lighting the landscape will use a different technique than lighting the architecture, but it is key in creating balance and beauty for your home’s outdoor lighting. 

When floodlighting the home, we generally use a lateral wash light fixture while for trees we will use a bullet fixture that has a less wide spread of light. This way we are able to direct the light in a way to bring life to the property without the harsh, spotlight effect that we think of when we hear the word “floodlight.”  

Balance the Light


The most important part of incorporating any type of “flood” lighting is to layer the light in order to keep a soft balance. Lighting the home and the landscape is the way we ensure this composition and balance with the light. In addition, adding path lights to the walkway and paths is another way to bring that balance and create not only a secure home, but a welcoming one for you and your guests. 

Bringing light to all the different elements of a home rather than just adding one spotlight or soffit lights creates an entirely different effect that provides your home with a sense of harmony and safety when it comes to your landscape lighting. 

Are you in need of floodlighting? 

If you are looking for security lighting for your home but don't know where to start, take the first step and request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only a functional property, but one that highlights the beauty of your home even at night. 

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