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Hardscape Lighting for Your Landscape Living

Don't despair just because your hardscape is already complete! If you're interested in integrating lights into your sitting wall, around your patio area,  to light your stairs etc., it can be done! 

There are numerous lighting approaches at our disposal that enable us to bring light to already existing structures. 


There is a lot of magic in what we do, but there is no secret to why landscape lighting is so sought after. It's the missing ingredient that makes an outdoor living space feel complete. Many think the challenges for lighting hardscapes come into play when the lights are being thought about after the fact, after construction is complete. This simply isn't the case. 

The vast majority of projects we come out to work on are already complete: the only thing missing is lighting. This recurring challenge, working on existing structures, is what's required our team to become so adeptly skilled at installing lights in places other people would shy away from. We see opportunity where others would see only obstacles.

Hardscapes: Concrete, cement, stone, pavers, etc., are some of the most challenging areas of the landscape to work around. It can take a lot of craftsmanship to work in these areas after the fact. Once construction is finished, adding lighting later can be challenging, even for our highly skilled individuals. But that's exactly why skilled craftsmanship is so valuable. 

Stair lights.jpg

Many of the phenomenal lighting projects we've been involved on couldn't have been executed without the skilled hands of our crew members. Our guys have taken it upon themselves to turn the installation process into an art form. 

On technically challenging installations, I'll check on our team's progress and be amazed by what I see. Even though I have substantial experience in the field, it still will take me a few minutes to figure out how our guys installed a fixture, and where they ran the wire. They do such a phenomenal job that a lot of the time I still have to ask. 

It's gotten to the point now in our company that the guys on our crew will fight over who gets to do the technical pieces, because these are the parts they have the most fun working on. They really love what they do, and it shows in their work.

390 Core Drilled.png

There is a lot we can do to work on an already existing structure. But that doesn't make us wizards. There are still some things that require preparatory work during construction to make happen. This is why it's always a great idea to visit and invite a lighting designer to become involved early on in a project. Tread lights in a stone or paved step have to be prepped ahead of time, for example. We cannot cut a space to house this type of fixture, it has to already be in place. However, we do have alternative options to beautifully light your steps

If you have any questions about what we can or cannot do in an already existing structure, or you have a new project coming up, give us a call at 801.440.7647

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