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How to Avoid a Bad Landscape Lighting Experience

In the world of landscape lighting, we've met our share of clients who've had bad experiences with whoever installed their original low voltage lighting system. Sadly, we we seem to be meeting more of these people all the time. We explore the things you need to know to avoid a bad landscape lighting experience


A Bad Landscape Lighting Experience

What is a bad landscape lighting experience? Let's look at an example. 

Recently, a couple shared their experience with us during a consultation. They were having problems with the lighting system they had professionally installed a few years back not working. There were wires that had been cut and other issues with broken fixtures that needed to be addressed. 


They got in contact with the original installer to have him come back and work on the system. All the couple wanted was to get their lighting working again

The person who came back to work on the system unfortunately, after splicing wires and trying different things, admitted that he couldn't figure out what was wrong, but would talk to some people & get back to them. After not hearing back they tried calling the installer several times, left voice messages, sent emails, but never heard back. They called us to ask if we could evaluate their system and help them decide on the best direction to take. 

While sad, this story isn't different from countless others we've heard. 

This couple hired someone to do their outdoor lighting, who unbeknownst to them, only had basic knowledge of landscape lighting and didn't know enough to ensure the system could be maintained and kept working for the years to come. They simply lacked product knowledge & application experience. 

Needless to say, this couple had a bad landscape lighting experience. 


Hiring a Professional 

So how do you avoid a bad landscape lighting situation? 


The question is simple to answer: just hire a professional! But even as we make this statement, we recognize the flaw in it: how do you know if the company or person you're hiring qualifies as a lighting expert? 

To start, let's be more specific: how do you know if they're professionally qualified in the field of low voltage landscape lighting? How do you know that when you experience an issue with your lighting system they'll pick up the phone when you call? Even more specific & importantly, how do you know that even if they do pick up the phone that they'll be able to resolve your concerns? 

Here is a list of questions you should consider to determine if "a professional" is the professional for your outdoor lighting system. 

  • Is lighting their only focus? Is lighting what their passionate about, or is it simply a way to subsidize their income? When lighting isn't isn't a company's focus, it's likely their knowledge and experience in outdoor lighting will be more limited. 
  • Do they have a staff dedicated to lighting? Do they have a service  team who is responsible for repairing and maintaining lighting systems? Does the company offer different service programs to help maintain your system? A company that knows how to service a lighting system will also understand how to maintain it for optimal performance. 
  • Can they show you a portfolio of the work they've personally done? It goes without saying that lighting is a visual experience. It's important that you can see examples of work they've done before hiring them to install your lights. 
  • Can they provide you with references? What do their online reviews look like? Are they positive? Does their company have a website? 
  • How long has this company been in business & how long has landscape lighting been their focus? The number of years they've been in the industry can indicate how much knowledge & experience the company has. If a company hasn't done many lighting systems, why would you want your house to be one of their first? It's like getting a haircut. Do you want someone  who has years of experience, or the individual who just handed  their first set of scissors at barber school? Don't let your home's lighting be a bowl cut experience. 

At the end of the day, you should feel confident in who you choose to hire for your outdoor lighting. If you feel hesitant or unsure because you aren't confident in the company's ability to provide you with the best best lighting experience, then you should consider your other options and make an informed decision. 

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