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How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Landscape Lighting Contractor

Hiring a contractor for any project can be overwhelming. It is hard to know who to trust and who will make your project successful. What do you look for when researching a contractor? How do you know who to avoid? We wanted to provide you with a few red flags to look for when specifically hiring a landscape lighting contractor.

This blog is intended to shed light on a few areas that should make you pause and reconsider if a certain contractor is right for your project. 



When you begin your research, here are a couple of things to check for right off the bat. If the company has just as many negative reviews as they do good, consider this a red flag. It shows that they are not consistent with the quality of service they provide.

Even if they have fewer negative reviews than good, be sure to read through those negative reviews to learn why the customer was unhappy or why their project was unsuccessful. This will help you determine if concerns presented in the negative review could pose as an issue in your project. 

Do it all companies 


Another red flag to look for is a “do it all” type of company. A “do it all” company can be a great option for certain project, but when it comes to landscape lighting, you will thank yourself for going with a company that specializes in lighting design and installation.

A company that specializes solely in landscape lighting will be able to see the vision you are looking for, provide you with ideas, and create a unique design specifically for you and your needs. 



One major factor to be aware of when hiring a landscape lighting contractor are those who are unlicensed. An unlicensed contractor is very risky, especially when it comes to lighting, because they often times do not follow code when installing your system.

This is a very serious and dangerous issue that can be avoided by being sure to ask your potential contractor about their licensing status. 

Fixture quality 


When it comes to landscape lighting fixtures, cheaper is never better. If a contractor is showing you aluminum or plastic fixtures, this should be a big indicator to go in a different direction. Unless the landscape lighting fixture is copper or brass, it will only last a couple of years.

You will find yourself having to replace many of the fixtures because they are not made to withstand the elements of the outdoors. Copper and brass lighting fixtures however, are designed to fight against the elements to keep your system look its best for years and years to come. 

One size does not fit all 


Landscape lighting projects should be unique and tailored to each individual and property. When meeting with the contractor, be aware of the questions being asked and the plans being presented. While the lighting designer may be the expert in creating a beautiful lighting system, they are not the one who lives and uses your outdoor spaces. 

A great designer will find out your desires and thoughts when it comes to lighting and then incorporate those into a beautiful design. Lighting systems are not a “one size fits all” type of project, so be cautious of those contractors who do not include you in the design process or ask for your input. 

Point of contact 


One finally thing to look at when hiring a contractor is their communication. Do you have someone that is point of contact for you? When you have a question, are they readily available to answer?

Having a direct contact is so important because it creates a level of trust that allows you to feel comfort with your contractor. If you do not have that direct contact it can create confusion in you project and the result may suffer. 

Learn more about hiring the right landscape lighting contractor by downloading our hiring guide below!

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