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How to Ensure Your Lighting System will Achieve Your Desired Results

When done right, landscape lighting is an incredible investment. It does more than simply illuminate properties at night. Proper lighting creates warmth, ambience, and that sense of security. Poorly designed, installed, and maintained landscape lighting systems, however, can lead to unexpected issues and an overall unsuccessful investment. How can you be sure you are getting everything you need and want from your landscape lighting system?

Here are 3 things to look for to ensure your lighting system will achieve your desired results! 

1. Hire the right company 

Doing your research before settling on a landscape lighting company is the best way to ensure you are getting the best of the best. There are few things to look for when searching for a landscape lighting company. Do they have a portfolio that displays their work? Do they have great reviews? Does their gallery match your desired results? These are all questions we suggest having in the forefront of your mind when doing your research for a lighting company. 


Reviews may be one of the biggest factors in deciding on a lighting professional. If you find a company with great imagery, but their reviews are full of unsatisfied customers, there is a disconnect and this company is possibly not providing their customers top of the line work or service.  A truly great company will have a multitude of happy clientele, completely satisfied with their lighting system and the company as a whole; and that will be displayed through their reviews! In the end, you want a company that will take care of your lights for the lifespan of the system, not just through installation.

Learn more ways to ensure you are hiring the right lighting company by downloading our hiring guide! 


2. Design is important 

The most important aspect of any landscape lighting system is the design. Each lighting system is different and should be uniquely designed to tailor the needs and wants of the user. Without a well developed and constructed design, the landscape lighting will not create the desired results you are seeking from your system.

Before beginning the design of a landscape lighting system, you will want to decide what is important to you when it comes to lighting. Whether that is the need for task lighting, the desire to beautify the landscape, or simply to bring a sense of security to the property, it all requires time and planning to execute the desired outcome.


No matter what is being lit, balance is key when designing a lighting system. The composition of light should create a soft, uniformed glow to the space. It requires a special eye to be able to create a well-balanced landscape lighting design before installation. The ability to foresee how and where a fixture needs to be placed in daylight to create a balanced and beautiful result at night truly takes a well-trained eye. If you would like help with the designing and installation fo your landscape lighting system, request a consultation here. One of our well-versed lighting designers will be happy to assist in your project to ensure you get the most out of your system.

3. Fixture quality 

Fixtures play a huge role in achieving your desired results from a landscape lighting system. High quality fixtures are one of the best way to extend your lighting system's life. The best landscape lighting fixtures are made of brass or copper and are designed to protect the bulb from the elements of the outdoors. 


If you plan to go with a landscape lighting professional, check if they have a warranty program. Even the best lighting fixtures can have their flaws and can be worn down by outdoor elements, including accidental ones like the lawn mower. A sign of a great lighting company is that they believe in their product and the quality of them so much so that they will offer some type of warranty to protect you and your lighting fixtures.

One final thing to consider is the use of LEDs over halogen bulbs. While LED bulbs can be more of an upfront cost, their lifespan and energy efficiency more than make up for that in the long run. Learn more about the differences in LED and halogen bulbs here. 

Need help with your outdoor lighting project?

If you are looking for a professional to help with your outdoor lighting design and installation, request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only a functional property, but one that highlights the beauty of your home even at night. 

At Landscape Lighting Pro, the art of outdoor illumination is a real passion we work to perfect. Designing elegantly bespoke landscape lighting systems is simply all we do. For nearly 20 years, our award winning team of designers and craftsmen have striven to bring the best outdoor lighting experience possible to people's homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front & beyond. 


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