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The Balance Between Security And Beauty With Your Landscape Lighting

20141118_SecurityBeauty1 At midnight, the landscape lighting around my Sandy home dims automatically by 60 percent. Dim enough so that light won’t creep in and keep me (or my neighbors) up at night, yet bright enough where if the dog starts barking, I can look out the window and still see the whole yard — and feel safe.

It’s a great thing when the lighting around your residence can bring together beauty and function to produce plenty of home security and a little peace of mind. You just need to find the right balance.

To strike that balance, I’ve always believed there are three key elements necessary for a quality landscape lighting system: design, product and engineering. The design and product are what we see at night. But engineering is the glue that brings it all together.

Controllable Outdoor Lighting Will Increase Home Security

Professional engineering ensures even voltage throughout your home’s lighting system so lights are operating at full capacity. It also keeps wires from getting caught in your landscaper’s edgers and trimmers.

Another safety feature a well-engineered outdoor lighting system offers to homeowners is dimmability. Take control of the lighting levels around the exterior of your home. You can set your lights to automatically dim by 30 percent at 11 p.m. and by another 30 percent at 2 a.m. and then completely off at sunrise.

Today’s homeowners aren’t interested in recreating the Las Vegas Strip, but a growing number of them would still like to keep their outdoor lighting on well throughout the night because of the sense of security it provides. With dimmable lighting, this becomes a nonissue.

LED Landscape Lighting Provides Security And Ambience From Sunset to Sunrise

Motion sensor lighting is an option we offer at Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, but I can’t help but feel this lighting approach tends to go unseen and unknown. It also doesn’t do your beautiful home any extra favors. After all, a well-lit space is less traveled by intruders, which is why we like to provide lighting that’s all encompassing and intended to be left on.

Thanks to its energy efficiency and lengthy lifespan, you can do just that with modern LED lighting. Now leaving the landscape lighting on from sunset to sunrise is something done on purpose rather than by mistake.

With good downlighting and moonlighting effects, we can create security while also achieving a little ambience at the same time. As they say, have your cake and eat it too.

Fewer Dark Spaces Means Fewer Surprises Around Your Home

20141118_SecurityBeauty2The best part of my job just might be the design process. And I’ll have to admit, I’m a stickler for balance. That’s why you won’t find awkward dark spaces in the landscapes we light. Sure, most landscapers will light from tree to tree to tree and forget about what’s in between. Not us. Here’s an example of why balance is so important in landscape lighting:

Say your driveway and garage are located on the right side of your home, but the front entry and living room are located on the left side. If you decide to illuminate just the left side of your home — because that’s where most of your time is spent — in the evening, your house might look like it’s tipping over to passersby.

Improve Your Home’s Security And Beauty With One Phone Call

Nobody wants a house heavy on the darkness. Let our outdoor lighting experts shed the right amount of light on the areas of your landscape that need it most.


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