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"I wouldn't recommend anyone else," declares pleased customer Vincent Washington on his experience with Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

When Vincent Washington was looking for outdoor lighting, he did his homework and his due-diligence when researching companies and even had a number of them give him a consultation. The conclusion? Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah. Vincent has graciously allowed an interview in which he tells me about his experience, and what he had to say about Keith and his team was nothing short of praiseworthy.



Q: How did you learn or hear about Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah?

So, when anytime you ask around, you tend to find something by googling it, but let me go back. About two years ago, the company sent out a mailer or a brochure came out and I contacted them. They came out then and did a consultation, but it wasn't until this year that I had them come back over, I had three contractors come out as well and I made a decision from there.

Q:What was the difference between the other companies and Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah?

To me, I think I shared this with Keith and I normally don't, that I thought his presentation was far better than anyone else that came out. There was something about Keith and his demeanor and the little briefcase he carries around with him with the actual lights. Most men are visual, I am, and it's nice to tell me what things will look like, but to show me, to the extent that you can, is even better. So I actually got a chance to see the lights that he would be putting out...I think that was the initial thing that endeared me to him.

Q:Was the quality worth the price you paid for outdoor lighting?

Absolutely. That night, after the lights were installed, I didn't tell my wife. I thought I would surprise her. I was sitting in my office at home and she came in and said, "The lights are on." I said, "What are you talking about?" She said, "The landscape lights." So of course, I jumped up and we both went and took a look, both got on our shoes and went outside, even. And, I told Keith that it reminded me of when I first saw my wife. It was kind of like that thing when you see something and you think, "This is going to be great, look how beautiful," just from the inside, looking out, and then to get out there amongst it was even better and you end up marrying. That was the analogy that I gave him. It was like when I met my wife. I saw her and said, "Oh my goodness, this is great," and then when I got to know her, it was even better and that's why she's my wife, and that's how I feel about the lights. I looked all over, in the front and back of the house for about 45 minutes that evening just bathing in it.

Q:Did the quality of Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah meet your expectations?

Yeah, they exceeded my expectations. Keith talked about that in the FAQ, where it asks about why someone would need all the lights you recommend. The response from Keith's team was that all the lights work with each other in conjunction to produce this thing that will be amazing. When I got the bid and we walked around the house and Keith explained things, I was thinking in my head what I could do to minimize the cost; and after it was done, it was so amazing and I told Keith that I am so glad that I trusted him because I was really close to just saying "Well, let's just do these lights now, " but I'm so glad I trusted his vision and ultimately ended up with something we enjoy. At that point, I knew I got my money's worth.

Vincent went on to say how professional Keith and his expert team were at Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah and how clean and organized the equipment was, and how dependable they were. He also had extra lights installed the next morning  after having talked with Keith. He said Keith clearly has something there, in reference to the quality of his company, and that he has the right people doing the right things for him. "I understand why when I called all the references he gave me, people had nothing but great things to say."

So there you have it, from a more-than-satisfied customer. Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah is ready to help you get not only the best security lighting, but the most amazing outdoor lighting in the business. Call us today for a FREE consultation at (801) 440-7647 or simply fill out a contact form on our website, www.utahlights.com  and let Keith and his team get you the best-looking landscaping in the valley!


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