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Lighting Ideas for Your Spa or Hot Tub

Most folks don't want bright lights shining on them while they are relaxing in the spa at night.

Its important to know when something should or shouldn't be lit. Hot tubs and spas are the one area in your outdoor living space that should be kept quiet. As far as the spa itself goes, the darker the better.

With that in mind, remember that there are many missed opportunities near and around the spa that should be rendered in the right light. 

Do you and your guests need to traverse a dark path safely at night to reach your spa? 

Is there nearby seating that would benefit from additional lighting? 

There are many reasons for adding lighting to the area around your hot tub or spa. Grab your swimsuit and lets take a look!


Create A Backdrop For a Resort Feeling

People don't want to draw too much attention to their spa at night. One of the added benefits of having landscape lighting is the way it disguises or draws attention away from the spa by highlighting the area surrounding it.

Capturing the landscape with artistic lighting draws people's attention away from the spa, and focuses it on the beautifully accented trees and landscape features. 

When it comes to landscape lighting, less says more. Our goal isn't to turn the backyard into the Las Vegas strip. Our intention is to softly cast the right light onto different landscape elements to create a balanced and beautiful backdrop for an enjoyable evening. 

The best lighting is the kind of lighting that allows you see the effect, not the source. 

5-1Most modern spas already have internal lights that illuminate the water. Adding more lights to the spa itself is unnecessary.  

Instead, focus on the lighting that will help to enhance your outdoor experience. For example, task lighting will enable you to travel to and from the spa safely. 

Safety Through Task Lighting

Traversing the path to and from the house can pose a potential hazard. Lighting the path leading to your relaxing soak in the spa is always a good idea.

Path lights are meant to reveal the way, just enough to see by, but not so much that it takes away from the ambiance being created.

The light cast from the path light should stop just before reaching the edge of the spa. 

Lighting steps with tread lights can also be a great addition for safely lighting the way. You can see how in the image above we used tread lights to accent the stone steps leading to the swimming pool and spa.

Casting light onto the path and revealing potential trips or slips will keep you and your guests from experiencing any accidents. 



Bench Lighting

Are there benches or sitting walls around or near your hot tub? These areas are great for discreet lighting that adds that extra element of safety.  

Undercap lights, for example, are subtle fixtures hidden beneath the lip of a sitting wall where they cast light downwards.  

Undercap lights define the edge of the bench while also splashing light down onto patios and pathways. A versatile fixture, it serves as a functional light that offers safety. 

Less is More

When it comes to landscape lighting, the old saying 'less is more' couldn't be more true. The balanced  contrast between light and shadow is delicate and should be approached with a gentle hand. 

The goal should be to see the effect and not the source. Glare from the light source is a serious eye sore. A glaring light shinning in your eye is something you don't want to experience while trying to relax in the spa. Our goal should be to only see what the light is revealing. pool-lighting-1

Form follows function: another old saying that rings true in the world of landscape lighting. The functional aspect of lighting in terms of task and safety should always take precedents. 

At the end of the day, when you retreat to the spa for some much deserved relaxation time, you should experience a serene and safe atmosphere. Landscape lighting can make all the difference.

Landscape Lighting Makes All The Difference

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