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Landscape Lighting Repair: Avoid by Having Your System Serviced?

Your landscape lighting does a lot of heavy lifting, both in keeping your property safe and secure, and in beautifully illuminating your landscape's key features.  Like any investment in your home or landscape, outdoor lighting service and maintenance are important for continuous, worry-free operation of your exterior lighting system.  


Proper outdoor lighting maintenance is a must if you expect your lighting system to perform year in and year out.  Does the company that installed your outdoor lighting system offer year round Annual Service?  If not then it is time to find a new Landscape Lighting Company that not only can, but makes maintenance part of their scheduled service plan.  They must have trained staff and stocked vehicles that can handle and understand the needs of every system.      

When Springtime arrives in Utah the joy for most Utahans (skiers excluded) is longer days, higher temperatures and outside activities.  Along with this exuberance comes "the list" of things to do around the home.  Among the outside items listed are things like:

  • Programming and turning on sprinkler / irrigation systems.
  • Sharpening the lawn mower blade and filling the gas can.
  • Preparing water features, pools and ponds for summer enjoyment.
  • Planting annual flowers to brighten up the outside areas.
  • Servicing the cooling system.

     Although Springtime is a popular time to service your landscape lighting system, the important thing is that your system is serviced at least once a year.  Most lamps (bulbs) have an average lamp life of 12 to 15 months. Many lamps can even go unnoticed should they fail early.  Below are a few of the reasons to have scheduled Annual Service performed on your outdoor lighting system:  

  • Failed lamps often go unnoticed as well as low voltage bulbs ten to diminish in brightness over the life of the bulb
  • Dirty fixtures, plant growth and vegetation can affect the visibility of the light.
  • Using the wrong bulb in your fixture can negatively impact your entire system
  • Worry free operation of your lighting system.
  • If necessary make adjustments and repairs on your lighting system.
  • Re-bury exposed wire as needed
  • Tighten terminals in Transformer 
  • Reset timers and controls, if necessary




If you value your investment in your outdoor lighting system as well as cherish outside activities in the evening hours with family, friends and guests, consider this worry free program guarantee of uninterrupted operation of your landscape lighting system.  Allow Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah to utilize their experience, expertise and commitment to quality workmanship in maintaining your exterior  lighting 365 nights a year.  



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