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Landscape Lighting: A Simple Way to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

During the daylight hours, it is easy to show off all of the hard work you have put in to creating a beautiful home. From the landscape to the architecture of the home, it all comes together as one to create this visually appealing look upon arrival. Unfortunately, all the beauty that you put into your curb appeal cannot be appreciated at night. This is such a shame for those passing by or guests coming to visit for dinner. A simple and effective way to increase your curb appeal in the dark is to add landscape lighting to your property!

Here are our favorite areas to light to help increase the curb appeal of a home at night!

1. Architecture 

security-lighting-slcThe architecture of a home is what makes a home what it is. Whether that is brick, siding, or rock, it all creates the inviting and beautiful front we all strive for. A great way to highlight these elements is to use an uplighting technique. In this technique, the fixture is placed low at the base of the home to cast light up onto the architecture. 

Doing so brings depth and an entirely new look and feel to your home at night. Seeing these parts lit up gives you a hole new appreciation for your architecture that you never had before. 

2. Landscape 


So much time and energy goes into growing and creating an amazing landscape. The worst thing you can do is settle for landscape lighting that does not showcase each element properly. It requires a combination of fixtures and lighting techniques to highlight the landscaping and make it increase your curb appeal at night. 

To achieve the desired look, each piece of the landscaping should be lit in a way that brings dimension when the lights turn on. This requires the knowledge and experience of knowing which fixtures to use, where to place each fixture, what elements to light, and how the landscaping will look as a whole after dark. 

3. Entryways 


The entryways to a home are the gateway to everything and one inside of the home. Illuminating entryways, paths to the entryways, and the surrounding ares is the best way to not only showcase them, but to bring safety to the home. It is important to invest in a well-lit entry for both you and guests because it helps guide directly to and from the entry with ease.

Illuminating your home's entry, especially around the garage, it will make your home feel safer and will deter trespassers. Since a well-lit home feels like a threat to intruders, lighting the home and entryways increases the safety of it.

4. Water features & statues 


Both water features and statues create such a captivating feel and look to a landscape. The babbling of water and the intricate details of the statue all add their own unique beauty to the property. These additions can be stripped from your curb appeal when the sun goes down, however. 

Adding landscape lighting to your water feature or statue is a simple way to increase your night time curb appeal and showcase these gorgeous elements. A variety of lighting techniques can be used to light water features and statues. From downlighting, to uplighting, to mini beam lights that go directly into a water feature, each serves its purpose to illuminate the elements in the best way possible. 

5. Make it cohesive 


The most important part of increasing your home's curb appeal with outdoor lighting is to make the lighting extremely cohesive and come together as a whole. A great way to make sure everything is in cohesion is to light in a way that the landscaping, architecture, entryways, and other elements all create areas of dark and light. When we do this, shadows are formed and add a visually appealing addition to your curb appeal after dark. 

Are you in need of landscape lighting?

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