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Landscape Lighting for Value, Beauty, and Security


Most of us want our home to be a sanctuary, a place for our family to feel safe and secure. Often, I am asked what value a professionally installed outdoor lighting system will bring to their property value or resale value.  I find most decisions we make for our homes are based on the joy and fulfillment our homes bring us through time spent with our loved ones and friends. Custom outdoor lighting will simply enhance our homes and enhance our life experiences. Consider: enjoying the family's pool, barbecuing under the pergola on a summer night, an evening spent with friends on the patio, what could make these enjoyable times better that, some outdoor nights to set the tone.


Lighting your exterior is just as critical as lighting your interior after dark.  Highlighting distinctive features and focusing on unique elements of your landscape and gardens will make your property the envy of the neighborhood.  Landscape lighting brings added elegance and distinction  to your home by focusing on the important elements of your property.  Lighting can highlight architectural details and trees; lighting is able to set the mood for outdoor living spaces; lighting can instill a tranquil charm to water features and fountains; it can even serve a beautiful function for lighting pathways and stairs.  The possibilities for enhancing a home with lights are numerous.  These are all areas that should be considered in your overall lighting design.  



 Security and Safety

Lighting creates a warm inviting atmosphere for friends and family, but not for intruders.  In the eyes of an intruder, an illuminated home is a home that should be avoided.  This is why motion lights are a thing of the past.  Although motion lights can provide some security lighting to your property, there is a major drawback:  your motion light won't activate until after the intruder has already entered your property!  Intruders don't want to be detected.  A well-designed outdoor lighting system, thus, is something that intruders will avoid entering in the first place.  When done correctly, an outdoor lighting system can provide so much for your living environment.  The serenity and ambiance that is created by highlighting the beauty of your landscape at night is an obvious benefit of lighting.  The often overlooked benefit is that, in addition to illuminating stairs and pathways (keeping slips and falls from happening), it helps you and your family sleep a little easier knowing that our lighting provides an element of security and safety.  We often hear from our clients that they don't know how they ever lived before they had their outdoor lighting.  




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