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Landscape Lighting: Hiring a Professional vs DIY

When starting any home project, there is always that thought of “I can do this myself.” When it comes to an outdoor lighting project, a DIY feels enticing. You can save money and still get the lighting needed right? That is true, but there are a few things to consider before jumping into a DIY project involving outdoor lighting. From wiring, to the fixtures, to the over all operation of the system, there is a lot that goes into a successful lighting project.

This blog will highlight 4 things to consider when deciding between a DIY project or hiring a landscape lighting professional! 



Landscape lighting, when done right, can bring such a depth of beauty and functionality to a property that wasn’t there before. The goal is to see the light without seeing the light source. Doing so can take quite a bit of designing to know where and how to place each fixture.

Using an outdoor lighting professional for your lighting project can help provide you with a comprehensive design that is beneficial to you and your needs. A lighting professional is able to envision how a light will shine and the effect it will give off. This is important because where a fixture is thought to be needed during installation in daylight can turn out to be unhelpful in the dark. A lighting pro is trained to see the need in the daylight and they are able to achieve the goals and look desired for the project.



Even the best lighting systems need maintenance. Rain, wind, snow, and unexpected elements can all take a toll on an outdoor lighting system. Moisture can get to the bulb, or your landscaper can accidentally ran over a fixture with the mower. There are so many things that can cause a lighting system to fail. Annual maintenance on an outdoor lighting system is the best way to keep it shining beautifully.

When a lighting system is installed by a landscape lighting professional, they are able to provide service to your lighting system. This is a plus because, if a light is out, they can switch it, if a fixture is broken, they can replace it because it’s under warranty. Even if you or your landscaper accidentally cut a wire, a lighting pro is able to fix the problem and get your system back working.

Learn all about our service options at Landscape Lighting Pro and what’s included here.



In terms of durability, there are quite a few differences in the fixtures that are available. Many of the fixtures available to buy in the big box stores are made from plastic or aluminum. They aren’t designed to fight off the elements that landscape lighting fixtures face on a daily basis. Often times these types of landscape lighting fixtures only last maybe a couple of years before they need to be replaced.

The fixtures used by a landscape lighting professional are of a higher quality and are built to last. The best lighting fixtures are made of brass or copper and are designed to protect the LED bulb from the elements of the outdoors. All the fixtures used at Landscape Lighting Pro are made to last for years and years to come, keeping your property beautifully lit. Not every fixture is perfect, that is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our fixtures. Learn more about our fixture’s lifetime warranty here.

System Options


If you are going to DIY your landscape lighting system and are focused on budget, you might be enticed to install a solar lighting system. There are some pros to having a solar lighting system, but there are also a few cons. Some pros include price and easy installation, but these systems are dependent on sun light to power them. The drawback to that is that if the panel gets covered by any unexpected outdoor element, your lights will not shine in the way intended. This is also true for those dark, cloudy winter days where the sun is not shining as powerfully.

While the more affordable option for your lighting system seems attractive, it might not be the best option for longevity. A better option for the long haul would be a low voltage system that has high quality fixtures. This can cost more upfront, but in the end it can save you money because it will far outlive the other options on the market.

Compare the pros and cons of both a solar system and a low voltage system here.

Want to learn more about hiring a landscape lighting pro?

If you are curious what to look for when hiring a landscape lighting professional, download our guide to help aid in your decision. This guide helps create a road map of what to look for in your landscape lighting professional before signing your contract. If you have questions or would like to see what our company can do for you, feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our lighting designers by filling out our consultation form.

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