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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Sandy Utah: Beautiful Secret Garden

This beautiful pond and garden located in Sandy, Utah, is a hidden gem, that's had a lot of love poured into it. When the homeowners first purchased this home, there was just a hill with some grass

Over the last 20 years they've transformed this space into a truly magical escape. Their decision to add low voltage landscape lighting made all the difference in how they now they can now use and enjoy this space in the evening. 

"The established trees and beautifully terraced changes in elevation made this project a beautiful canvas to design the lighting for. The goal was to focus on enhancing the key element in the landscape like the potting shed, the established trees, the pond, the steel sculpture, and the labyrinth." Says lighting designer, Ty Rosser. 

A Stroll Through The Lighting Design:

Pond Lighting

Lighting the pond was a must for this project. Located right next to the patio, this pond is a center piece in the landscape. Capturing the falls and the surrounding trees and lower plantings was a must. LLP_Rosie-166-HDR

As members of the Utah Water Garden and Koi Club, the pond wasn't just a centerpiece for these homeowners, it was the pride and joy of their garden. The attention and focus placed on the pond in the overall lighting design really shines through. 

A glowing hand blown glass orb was placed in the pond to cast a soft light. This small detail adds a splash of interest and balance to the scene. Its these small details that make all the difference.    

Patio Lighting

The patio is the space where we spend the most time relaxing in our outdoor living spaces. Using a technique called moon lighting, the patio here was bathed in a continuous luminous plane that extends across the entire space.


This moon lighting technique mimics the effect of moon light to cast gentle light over the patio that allows for functional use without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.

In outdoor lighting design, using a soft gentle hand can have a far greater impact than flooding a space with too much light. The old saying couldn't be more accurate: less says more. 

The Labyrinth

One of the most unique features in this garden is the labyrinth. This well manicured ornate little labyrinth is void of any trickery.LLP_Rosie-162-HDRIf you follow it from the starting point, it takes you on a winding journey down each path until you finally reach the center where the fountain is located. 

A splash of color was added next to the labyrinth to accent the adjacent steel sculpture. Too much colored light can be distracting. A subtle accent used purposefully to accent a specific feature, however, can add a delicate contrast. 

The Potting Shed

 What garden would be complete without a cozy little potting shed nestled into the undergrowth? LLP_Rosie-196-HDR (1)The thought behind lighting this structure was to help make it feel inviting and apart of the overall scene.

A small pendent light was hung in the entryway to do two things: create a functional light source, and add a light that would be beautiful in and of itself.

An ornate fixture like this pendent light can be a great addition for not just a potting shed, but any structure. They look great in pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions too. 

This garden was a real joy to light. "When I think about the amount of love and care these clients have poured into building and creating their back garden, I feel honored that they trusted me with their outdoor lighting design", says Ty.  


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