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Landscape Lighting Trends VS. Timeless Design That Will Last.

Timeless outdoor lighting design versus flash in the pan trends: It's the topic being discussed by many homeowners looking to light their home's landscape, or splash a bit of light over their outdoor living space. Many want their landscape to look modern and timeless; they don't want it to look dated  a few years down the road. The question remains - how do you achieve a classic look that doesn't turn into the plastic lawn flamingo? 

Luckily, following a few lighting design fundamentals can allow the integration of certain lighting trends without losing a timeless look. And with the help of an experienced lighting designer, you can have your lighting look tranquil, exciting, and not have it look outdated 3 years down the road. 

1. Always Opt for a Timeless Path Light. 

 Regardless of being day or night, your path light is the fixtures you will notice the most. This is why it is the fixture worth taking the most time to consider. 

Even though the path light you saw online with the intricate designs and colors may seem like a beautiful compliment to your garden, it could quickly turn into an eye sore. Most everything goes out of style eventually, but anything overly detailed and ornately decorated is bound to go the way of plastic lawn flamingo. 


 With path lights, it's always a smart idea to opt for a timeless looking fixture. 

Traditional Path Light.jpg

2. Incorporate Festive Lighting Trends With Class. 


Accent fixtures are great for introducing a bit of interest and beauty. Once you have laid down your base lighting design, it can be fun to explore ornate and festive lighting solutions. 


  • If you have a large patio or deck, maybe explore the possibility of Bistro lighting
  • If you have a pool deck that needs a bit of pool party flare, perhaps some tiki lights are what you need to add that extra fun to the party.  

 Everyone enjoys a festive atmosphere, and so long as it's the appropriate setting, festive lighting will set the tone nicely. 

Remember: When it comes to festive lighting, keep it classy. Less says more. A soft warm glow is often all that's needed. 


 3. Stick to a Layered & Beautiful Lighting Design. 


Accenting the perimeter pieces of your landscape should be done in a way that creates a sense of composition & balance. There are layers to every outdoor living space. Capturing the different scenes will be the key to creating an overall beautiful lighting effect. Avoid becoming too focused on any one feature. 


4. Highlight the Fixtures You want Highlighted - Regardless of What's Trending.  


One of the keys to a timeless lighting design is having the features highlighted that will make you happy & bring you the most enjoyment. If there's a particular area, you want to see lit, then make sure it's going to be incorporated into the overall lighting design. 

 Regardless of trends, light the features of your landscape you love the most. 


5. Use of Ornate Fixtures. 


While ornate path lights can become dated, there is nothing wrong with a well placed ornate accent fixture. It will add incredible beauty. A star liter hanging in a gazebo, an arbor or even off of a tree branch , are all great examples of somewhere an ornate fixture could be employed. 

But be mindful not to overdo it. With beautiful ornate fixtures, less says more. Ornate fixtures stop being whimsical when they are over used. 

Rosser-146 Crop.jpg

Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At the end of the day, you are lighting your home and landscape for you.

If you have any questions about lighting design, or would like to better understand what approaches might work well for your particular project, check out our Lighting Design Guide.

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