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Landscape Lighting Winter Check-List


Outdoor lighting adds so much value in the winter. It makes long, dark nights seem shorter, it brings life to your atmosphere, and creates a warmth that is so needed. Here are 3 ways to keep your outdoor lights at their best this winter season! 

If your landscape lighting system needs serviced, send a service request here or give our office a call at (801) 440-7647.

1. Check your timers

The first thing on our winter check list is to check your landscape lighting timer! When winter hits, the days get shorter therefore landscape lighting timers needs to be adjusted so that the system will turn on earlier and turn off later. Your timer will be found inside of your landscape lighting transformer. From there, you will be able to program the timer to reflect the times needed in order to keep your system on a proper schedule with the changes in season. If you need guidance on how to reset your landscape lighting timer, we have tutorial videos for our timers. You can access those tutorial videos here!

If you are sick of manual timers, it may be time for you to upgrade to an Astronomic Timer. This timer automatically determines the exact time for dusk and dawn based on your location. The Astronomic Timer also adjusts for Daylight Savings Time on its own! 

Here are some features of the Astronomic Timer:

  • Automatically turns low voltage outdoor lighting system  
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time option
  • Sunrise, sunset, daily, weekday, and/or weekend options
  • Convenient on/off indicator light
  • Battery backup with low battery indicator
  • Displays current date and time
2. Check fixtures and bulbs

The next task on our winter check list is to check all your fixtures and bulbs! Overtime, fixtures can collect leaves, debris, and dirt causing our lights to not shine as clear and bright as usual. Often times people think they have a light out when really they just had the elements of the outdoors covering the light.

This is why we suggest going out and clearing off any leaves or dirt that may be stuck in the eyebrows of your up lights or on top of other fixtures. Doing so will allow your lights to put off light the way they are intended. It is also a good idea to clear your fixtures off after a big snowstorm. 

 While you are clearing off your fixtures, this a great time to make sure all your bulbs are actually working and don’t need replaced! If you have any that are burned out, give us a call and our service technician will come replace those for you so your lighting system is all ready to go this winter season.

3. Check bubble cover (outlet)

Finally we want you to check that plastic bubble cover that is fixed over the outlet next to your transformer. This bubble is designed to keep water away from your outlet. We want to make sure this is closed tight so that no moisture can leak in. Moisture can cause your GFI to trip, effecting your landscape lighting. Be sure you have this sealed up this winter to avoid a trip!

*Christmas lighting tip*

One important thing to remember if you want your landscape lighting off while you have Christmas lights hung is to NOT unplug your transformer. Instead, simply turn the fuse inside of your transformer to the OFF position. Turning the fuse to the off position will not disrupt your timers whereas if you unplug the transformer, it will reset your timers and your landscape lighting will not operate as before. 

Need landscape lighting service?

If you have gone through this check list and think you need professional help with your landscape lighting system,  send a service request here or give our office a call at (801) 440-7647. One of our service technicians will be out to help!