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LED vs Halogen Lamps: Why we Only Work with LED

For years there has been a debate over LED and halogen lamps. While halogen lamps have been around and used longer, LEDs have reinvented the light bulb, and in turn has changed the outdoor lighting world.


This blog is all about you why we ONLY use LED lamps in our landscape lighting designs. 





When comparing LED to halogen lamps, it appears that halogen is far cheaper option. While the upfront cost for halogen lamps can be cheaper than LED lamps, in the long run, LED is the more cost effective option. 


LED lamps can save you money because they need to be changed far less often and they use far less energy. When you use LED lamps, you can see a reduction in energy use by as much as 80%! The reason for this is, while both lamps produce heat, the heat produced by LED is drawn away from the lamp, causing the lamp to have much longer life span. 


Your lights last longer and your energy bill will be lower…it’s a win win!





Another reason we work with LED over halogen is their versatility in color. In the past, LED were known for their bright, daylight, color. As they have progressed, LED lamps provide a wide range of color. LEDs have the ability to put off that cool, bright color temperature that you think of when you hear LED, or they can put off a warm color temperature that mimics a halogen lamp.


Having this versatility allows us to create the perfect lighting for all areas of your landscape. From task lighting in your steps, to a more ambient feeling for your living spaces, we can control the mood of all areas with range of color LED provides.





As we said before, LED lamps last far longer than halogen. Since LEDs are electronic devices, they do not have a filament to burn out. This adds hours and hours to their lifespan.


Halogen’s lifespan is on average about 2,000-4,000 hours. LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours…it’s not even a competition! Having this longer lifespan in your lights requires far less maintenance and is a huge money saver. 


If you currently have halogen lamps in your outdoor lighting system, we can easily switch those out with LED lamps to increase your systems lifespan and cut back on energy use. Just give us a call and we will get someone out there to replace your current halogen lamps with LED.


Want to make the switch to LED lamps?

If you are located in Utah and want to make the switch from halogen to LED, give us a call(801) 440-7647 to schedule a free consultation, or simply fill out a contact form here!

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